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2002 AD ( 2546 BE ) ACTIVITIES



    October 2002

    Oct 03
    Oct 04
    Buddhist Fellowship
    Parent-Child Relationship Workshop
    To be conducted by Dr Patricia Sherwood on 3 & 4 Oct at the Fellowship Centre, this workshop will enable parents to enhance parent-child relationships by understanding the challenges of parenting in various child development stages, becoming aware of major problem areas in child-parent relationship and learning effective parenting skills.

    Dr. Patricia Sherwood is a counselor and psychotherapist for many years. For registration, please call 62956362

    All are welcome
    Oct 19Buddhist Library , The
    Zen Buddhist Practice
    The Buddhist library will present a talk by Zen teacher Dennis Duermeier, a guiding teacher of the Korean Kuan Um School of Zen. In this talk, he will introduce the essence of Zen and its practice.

    All are welcome
    Biography of Speaker.
    Dennis Duermeier is a guiding teacher of the Korean Kuan Um School of Zen headed by Zen Master Seung Sahn Sunim. He is currently the Abbot of the Kansas Zen Center in the U.S. and was also the Dharma Teacher at the Rhode Island Zen Center and Guiding Teacher of the Cypress Tree Center and the Gateless Gate Zen Center of Florida, U.S.A. He is also a master craftsman for wood caving.
    Oct 23
    Nov 03
    Vipassana Meditation Centre ( Singapore )

    Due to the overwhelming success of the Fourth 10 day residential Vipassana Meditation Course in Singapore, when 61 participants completed the course, we are glad to inform you that the fifth course would commence on the evening of 23rd October 2002 and conclude on 3rd November around 7.30 AM. The venue will be Camp Christine , 71 Jalan Bathera , Singapore 719922. We intend to take in about 80 participants for this course

    This is a residential course conducted in silence in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, as taught by S N Goenkaji or one of his teachers/asst. teachers. Please visit the website: for detailed information and courses available around the world.

    Details of the Singapore course
    Duration: 10 days, from October 23rd to 3rd, November 2002
    Total number of participants: Upto 80
    Medium of instruction: Bilingual in Mandarin and English
    Cost: Free for all the students. Voluntary donations are accepted only from those who successfully complete the course.
    Open to: All races and religions

    For further enquiries and obtaining application forms, please contact Miss Annie Toh at 4354224 or email to . Acceptance for the course will be done strictly on first come first served basis. You are requested to indicate your participation by 15th Sept 2002 by forwarding the duly completed application form to us.
    All are welcome
    Oct 24Buddhist Library , The
    A Guide to the Mahayana Shastra Literature Course
    By Dr Peter Della Santina
    Beginning 24 October 2002

    The Mahayana Shastras were composed by great Mahayana masters such as Nagarjuna who recovered the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras and Asanga who received instruction directly from the future Buddha Maitreya. Together they established the Madhyamaka and Yogacara systems which form the foundation of the Bodhisattva path and all the Mahayana traditions fromVajrayana to Zen. In this course there will be a study the origins of the Madhyamaka and Yogacara and some of the major texts of the schools. Dr Santina will discuss in depth how the Madhyamaka and Yogacara teachings compliment each other and how between them they represent the real meaning of Mahayana practice.

    COURSE SCHEDULE - every Thursday at 7.30pm to 9.30pm as follows:
    24 October 2002
    31 October 2002
    7 November 2002
    14 November 2002
    21 November 2002

    December 2002 - break (no classes)

    2 January 2003
    9 January 2003
    16 January 2003
    23 January 2003
    30 January 2003

    [Course fees $60.00 members $80.00 non-members]

    All are welcome
    Oct 26Buddha Vihara Society
    Monthly Dharma Talks
    VENUE :
    SEMINAR ROOM, #05-31,
    TEL: 348 0185 ; PAGER : 96070938
    26.10.2002 7.30 p.m. 9.30 p.m.Ven.Gnanaseeha Religious adviser of Samadhi Buddhist Association.Can we plan our future life?

    All are welcome


    November 2002

    Nov 1Viriya Community Services
    Flag Day
    VCS will be having its flag day on 1st Nov to raise funds for its community projects, which include "Sharing & Caring for You", Leong Hwa Chan Si Temple-NKF Dialysis Centre, Whispering Hearts Family Service

    All are welcome
    Nov 01
    Nov 22
    Awareness Place Meditation Centre. By Kong Meng San Monastery
    November Meditation Appreciation Course
    Currently there are 2 Meditation Classes organised by the Monastery. First, There is a monthly meditation class held at the last week of each month during the Basic Buddhism Course.

    There is also a month long Meditation Appreciation Course (4 lessons) held at APMC (Awareness Place Meditation Centre). Both classes are conducted by Bro Richard (Vajiro) Chia and are continually repeated due to overwhelming responses from the public.

    From March 2001 onwards, a nominal fee of $20 will be charged by cheque payment. Visit the Basic Buddhism Course website to learn more about the Course and the Meditation taught.

    November Meditation Appreciation Course

    Every Friday 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    01 Nov 2002 : (1) How to Take Care of Your Mind
    08 Nov 2002 : (2) Who are You?
    15 Nov 2002 : (3) Practice in Daily Life
    22 Nov 2002 : (4) Development of the Path

    Venue: Awareness Place Meditation Centre
    @ Bras Basah Complex #03-39

    Course Structure:
  • Evil, Good and Pure
  • Five Aggregates
  • Practice in Daily Life:
    --Four Sublime States
    --Eleven Benefits of Loving Kindness
    --Eight Worldly Conditions
  • Meditation Instructions:
    --Loving Kindness
    --Impurities of the Body

    Go to APMC Meditation website here or click here to register. Please call 63365067 (Mon-Fri 6.30pm-9.30pm only)or email for any queries.

    All are welcome
  • Nov 02
    Nov 04
    Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    Venerable Sangye Khadro's Programme
    Ven Sangye Khadro will be on a short stopover in Singapore while on her way to Kopan Monastery to teach the November Course. As you may recall, Venerable SK was the ABC's Resident Teacher for more than 11 years, and she touched the lives of many with her Dharma teachings and kindheart. This will be Venerable's first visit here since leaving in 2000. On this private visit, Venerable has graciously accepted to share with us her Dharma knowledge, and she also hopes to catch up with her old friends, and of course, to meet new ones.

    Details of her Programme are given below, and You are most welcome to attend the public events.

    Date: Friday, 1 Nov
    Arrives in Singapore

    Date: Saturday, 2 Nov
    Time: 7.30 p.m. - 9.30p.m.
    Topic: "Everyday Dharma" - Dharma Talk
    Venue: Awareness Place, #01-21, Bras Basah Complex

    Date: Sunday, 3 Nov
    Time: 2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.
    Venue: Visit to Amitabha Buddhist Centre, 494-D, Geylang Road

    Date: Monday, 4 Nov
    Time: 10.00 a.m - 5.30 p.m.
    Venue: Workshop for Professional Care-Givers at Shan You Counselling Centre (Registration Closed)

    Date: Wednesday, 6 Nov 8.30 a.m.
    Leaves for Kathmandu

    Venerable Sangye Khadro (Kathleen McDonald) was born in California, US, in 1952. She took her first courses in Buddhist meditation in Dharamsala, India, in 1973 and took ordination in 1974. She lived with the community of Western monks and nuns at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, for 2 years, studyng and doing meditational retreat.

    In 1978 she moved to England to continue her higher Buddhist studies, and in 1982 helped establish Dorje Pamo Nunnery in France. From 1985 to 1987, she taught in Australia, and then for a year in Nepal. In 1988 she took the Bhikshuni Ordination. She was the resident teacher of Amitabha Buddhist Centre and spiritual advisor for National University of Singapore Buddhist Societyin Singapore. She also gives teachings around the world.

    Her book "How to Meditate", published in 1984, has been a continuous Buddhist best-seller since that time and it has been translated into 8 languages

    All are welcome
    Nov 07
    Nov 14
    Sponsored by Kong Meng San Monastery
    Public Dharma Talks & Workshop
    by Venerable Thubten Chodron
    The schedule of the talks and workshop:-

    Topic: Taming the Monkey Mind
    Date: Thur, 7 Nov 2002
    Time: 7.30pm-9pm
    Venue: Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    494D Geylang Rd (nearest MRT: Aljunied)

    All are welcome. Enquiries please call 6745-8547.Organised by Amitabha Buddhist Centre

    Topic: How to Live Without Fear & Worry
    Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002
    Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
    Venue: Kreta Ayer People's Theatre
    (30A Kreta Ayer Road ~ Nearest MRT: Outram)

    Admission is Free! Bring a Friend! . In life, problems and crises are inevitable. What matters is knowing how to handle them wisely without fear or worry. How do we cope with uncertainty and discover peace within ourselves? Venerable Thubten Chodron will share with you the secrets of leading a truly meaningful life, with which these answers will be revealed.

    Enquiries: . Organised by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Dharma Propagation Division

    Topic: Why Buddhism?
    Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002
    Time: 7.30pm-9.30pm
    Venue: Kreta Ayer People's Theatre
    (30A Kreta Ayer Road ~ Nearest MRT: Outram)

    Admission is Free! Bring a Friend!. How can the Buddha's teachings enhance the quality of our lives here and now? How can they lead us to True Happiness? Venerable Thubten Chodron will advise us on the rationale of Buddhist practice and how Compassion and Wisdom can help us be more socially-engaged in daily life.

    Enquiries: . Organised by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Dharma Propagation Division

    Topic: Rebirth: Is It Really Possible?
    Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002
    Time: 7.30pm- 9pm
    Venue: Buddhist Library
    2 Lor 24A Geylang (nearest MRT: Aljunied)

    All are Welcome. Enquiries please call 6746-8435. Organised by the Buddhist Library

    Topic: Love, Compassion, Joy & Equanimity
    Date: Wed & Thur, 13 & 14 Nov 2002
    Time: 10am-5pm
    Venue: Tai Pei Buddhist Centre
    (2 Lavender Street- Walking Distance from Lavender MRT)
    Fee: $18

    This is a 2-Day Workshop with Meditation, Talks and Group Discussions. Enquiries: To join, download form @ , fill it in and send it attached to Organised by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Dharma Propagation Division

    Please refer to http:.// for the latest programme update. For appointment with Ven Chodron or lunch dana (12 noon to 1.30pm on 7,8,11 or 12 Nov), contact Hwee Leng before Oct 25 or after Nov 4 at 6489-5646 or .

    All are welcome

    Biography of Venerable Thubten Chodron

    Born in 1950, Ven. Thubten Chodron grew up near Los Angeles. She graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1971. After traveling through Europe, North Africa and Asia for one and a half years, she attended the university of Southern California to do post-graduate work in Education while working as a teacher in the Los Angeles City School System.

    In 1975, she attended a meditation course given by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Zopa Rinpoche, and subsequently went to their monastery in Nepal to continue to study and practice Buddha's teachings. She was ordained as a nun in 1977.

    She was formerly resident teacher at Amitabha Buddhist Centre in Singapore and at Dharma Friendship Foundation in Seattle. Currently, she is founding Sravasti Abbey, a monastery in the USA. She travels worldwide to give talks about Buddhism and to teach meditation. Her books include Open Heart, Clear Mind (Snow Lion, Ithaca NY), Working with Anger (Snow Lion), Buddhism for Beginners (Snow Lion), Taming the Monkey Mind (Graham Brash, Singapore). For more information, please visit

    Nov 09Awareness Place Meditation Centre. By Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery
    Music Therapy Talk
    What does sound mean to us? What is the science of sound and its relation to the understanding of body and mind in the very essence of the cellular structure of life? How does sound affects the human body and matter? How can sound be used to correct and heal the body and mind?

    These questions and others will be answered by Robert J. Boyds, an Australian music therapist, at a workshop to be held on 9 Nov from 2 pm to 4 pm

    All are welcome
    Nov 10
    Buddhist Library , The
    Robes Offering and Book Presentation 2002
    Beginning with the full moon of July, during the rainy season, monks observe "vas" at one place to teach the Dhamma. This period is also for them to spend more time meditating and helping lay people in their spiritual development. In the fourth month of the rainy season, "vassa" ends with the robes offering ceremony, in which the laity has a chance to offer robes and other requisites to the monks.

    It has been a tradition at the Buddhist Library to tag along a book presentation ceremony during this meritorious occasion. This allows the Library to add new books to its collection. After all, the gift of Dhamma excels all gifts! Do approach our counter if you wish to participate.

    All are welcome
    Nov 22Singapore River. By Metta Welfare Association

    The above photograph was taken from

    If your duck is among the 1st - 50th to cross the finish line, you win a prize. And if the 1st duck crosses the finish line is a red duck, the owner will not only win the top prize of S$10, 000 but an additional S$1 million dollar.

    Those who wish to volunteer to sell the ducks for the race, kindly call Ms Kristine Chen at (O) 62406303 or hp 98730470 or e-mail Click here for the adopt-a-duck order form.

    All are welcome

    click here for
    Nov 23
    Dec 01
    Pu Tuo San Temple (Jln Limbok). By Vipassana Meditation Centre ( Singapore )
    Novitiate Programme

    You are invited to participate in this Novitiate Programme for males (Age 12-19) at Pu Tuo San Temple (Jln Limbok)


  • Male between age 12 and 19
  • Medically fit and healthy
  • Possess basic knowledge of Buddhism

    Places limited to 12 males. For application, please contact:

    Vipassana Meditation Centre (Singapore)
    1 Paya Lebar Walk Singapore 535926
    Tel/Fax: 64453984

    or contact Sam Ho
    pg: 94075820/68324548

    Closing Date: 15 September 2002

    All are welcome
  • Nov 23
    Nov 24
    Buddha's Light Association( Singapore )( Fo Kuan Yuan )
    Dharma Talk by Master Hsing Yun & Refuge-taking & Blessing Ceremony
    Dharma Talk by Master Hsing Yun
    Fo Guang Yuan (Singapore) is organising a Dharma talk cum wheel-chair presentation by Venerable Master Hsing Yun on 23 Nov at Singapore Expo Hall 1.

    The organiser is now calling for volunteers to join in the performance of action songs on that day.

    Those interested please call 9858 1757. No prior experience in sign language/action songs is required.

    Refuge-taking & Blessing Ceremony
    Venerable Master Hsing Yuri will conduct a Refuge-taking cum 5 Precepts Ceremony on 24 Nov at 9 am-1 pm at Singapore Expo, Conference Hall A-F.

    On the same day at 6 pm- 10 pm, he will also conduct the Bodhi Couple Blessing Ceremony to bless married couples at Shangri-la Hotel Island Ballroom.

    The organisers of both events are appealing for volunteers to be ushers.

    For more information: please visit the website:

    All are welcome

    Biography of Speaker

    Venerable Master Hsing Yun was born in Chiangxu province, China in 1927. Tonsured under Venerable Master Chih Kai at the age of twelve, he became a sramanera (novice monk) at Chi-hsia Shan, a monastery in Nanjing.

    He was fully ordained in 1941 and went on formal monastic training at Chi-hsia Vinaya school and Chiao-shan Buddhist College. His commitment to the Buddhist education was already under way when he left the directorship of Hua-t'sang Temple in Nanjing, for Taiwan in 1949.

    Years of dedicated endeavors gave Master Hsing Yun his sense of mission to the revitalization of Buddhism in Taiwan. The proliferation of his education, social and cultural understandings was pinnacled by projects of establishing organizations of laity.

    Shou-shan Buddhist College, Kaohsiung, founded in 1965, realized master Hsing Yun's conception of tertiary education that amalgamates Buddhist practice and traditional scholarship. Fo Guang Shan (The Buddha's Light Mountain ), Kaohsiung founded in 1967, emblematizes his vision of Humanistic Buddhism.

    Master Hsing Yun's vow to spread the Dharma as his mission and to benefit all sentient beings as his career subsequently took him to Australia, in the pass years, where he continues to steer Buddhism along the passage of modernization through education, cultural activities, charity and religious practice as well as globalization; and building of temples in each of the five continents. I.B.C.V is one of the 100s Fo Guang Shan branch temples around the world established in Melbourne since 1992.

    Hsi Fang Temple is a Chinese Ch'an Buddhist temple. The temple was founded by the Venerable Master Hsing Yun in 1989. It is associated with the Fo Guang Shan order and temple in Taiwan as well as the Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California.

    Venerable Master Hsing Yun, is currently the President of Buddha's Light International Association, founder of Fo Guang Shan, Nan Hwa University and Fo Guang University.
    Nov 24Swissotel The Stamford, 4th Floor, Raffles Ballroom. By World Sangha Organisation, Singapore Buddhist Federation & various local Buddhist temples
    A Prayer for Global Peace
    Date: 24 November 2002
    Time: 8.30 am
    Venue: Swissotel The Stamford, 4th Floor, Raffles Ballroom.
    Guest -of-Honour:B.G. Lee Hsien Loong Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance
    Organisers : World Sangha Organisation, Singapore Buddhist Federation & various local Buddhist temples

    For participation, please call 67444635

    All are welcome
    Nov 24Buddhist Library , The
    Annual Fun Fair
    The Buddhist Library would be holding their annual fun fair this 24 Nov 02 (Sunday) to raise money for its building fund. If you can either help in brainstorming for the games, sponsoring some of the items or volunteer to help to man the 20-25 games stalls, please contact:-
    Wong Ho Kiah
    Hp: 98738304
    Tel: 67864495
    Nov 30Buddha Vihara Society
    Monthly Dharma Talks
    VENUE :
    SEMINAR ROOM, #05-31,
    TEL: 348 0185 ; PAGER : 96070938
    30.11.2002 7.30 p.m. 9.30 p.m.Ven. Galle Udita Religious adviser of Buddha Vihara Society.Is everything caused by Kamma ?

    All are welcome
    Nov 30
    Dec 02
    STADA campsite. By Sun Life Youth Development Centre ( Shan You Counselling Centre )
    Youth Camp: Sunlife Camp 2002

    SLY Development Centre, a subsidiary of Shan You Counselling Centre, invites youths aged 13-18 to participate in "Sunlife Camp 2002" from 30 Nov to 2 Dec at STADA campsite.

    The objectives are to help youths make new friends, enhance their social skills, selfconfidence, self-awareness and independence, and to encourage teamwork. Activities include tele-matches, life-skills, yoga, meditation, campfire, sing-a-long, talent-time.

    For enquiries and registration, please call 6748 9975. Click here for registration form

    All are welcome
    Nov 30
    Dec 13
    People's Buddhism Study Society
    Vipassana Meditation Retreat
    Details of the Vipassana Meditation Retreat:-

    Date : 30/11/2002(Fri) to 13/12/2002(Fri)
    Destination : Kandy, Sri Lanka
    Instructor : Venerable Amatha Gavasi
    Organisation : People's Buddhism Study Society
    No 25 Lorong 22 Geylang,
    Singapore 298682
    Te : 6746 9352

    Limted to : 20 participants
    Fee : Member S$700
    Non-Member S$750
    Student S$650

    Method of Payment : Deposit S$200 pay upon sumbmission of form.
    Balance to be pay before 8/11/2002.
    Due date of registreion : 4/11/2002
    Person to contact : Sumith : (HP) 9382 1967
    Diana : (HP) 9382 8259

    Remarks :
    1) All forms is to be collect from "People's Buddhism Study Society"
    2) All deposit is non-refundable
    3) Balance cost not pay before 8/11/2002 wil be consider withdrawal from the trip.
    4) Enrollment is on the FIRST COME FIRST BASIS.

    All are welcome


    December 2002

    Dec 03
    Dec 24
    By Sun Life Youth Development Centre ( Shan You Counselling Centre )
    Workshops on Paper-cutting

    Youth Creative Workshop 1 ~ “The Art of Paper cutting !”

    Youth Creative Workshop 2 ~ “The Art making of Pop Out Card”

    “Engaging in the mastery and art of paper cutting and making of pop out card is a delightful recreation that nourishes the mind. It cultivates patience and concentration among young people”

    Facilitator : Ms Chew Yeen Chin

    (> 20 years experience of paper cutting.She won the champion in the National level Competition of paper cutting(Individual), and

    gained the 8th position in the International Paper Cutting Competition for Singapore )

    Workshop 1 (Paper Cutting)

    · Date : 03/12, 10/12, , 17/12, 24/12,

    · (Every Tuesday)

    · Time : 10:00 a.m. ~ 12.00 noon


    Workshop 2 (Pop-Out Card)

    · Date: 03/05, 10/12, 17/12, 24/12

    · (Every Tuesday )· Time: 1:30pm ~ 3:00pm


    Venue :

    SunLife Youth Development Centre ( a Youth Devision of

    Shan You Counselling Centre)

    Blk 41, Sims Drive, #01-277 Singapore 380041.

    Workshop 1 (Paper Cutting)

    · Cost : $80/- per person (Inclusive of materials)

    · Target group: 13 to 18 years old

    · Class: 15-20

    · For enquiries : 6748 9975

    Workshop 2 (Pop-Our Card)

    · Cost : $50/- per person (Inclusive of materials)

    · Target group: 13 to 18 years old

    · Class: 15-20

    · For enquiries : 6748 9975

    · Email :

    Ms Chew Yeen Chin, who has 20 years of paper-cutting experience, will conduct two creative workshops on this art on 3/12, 10/ 12, 17/12 and 24/12 at 10 am- 12 pm (Art of Paper-cutting) and at 1.30 - 3.00 pm (Art of Pop-out Card).

    For enquiries, please call 6748 9975

    All are welcome
    Dec 05
    Dec 14
    By Buddhist Fellowship
    Buddhism In Practice and a Meditation

    5 Dec 2002 (Thurs), 11th - 14th of Dec 2002 - Buddhism In Practice and a Meditation Series by Ven Ajahn Kalyano.

    Briefly, the Venerable is presently the Abbot of Bodhivana Monastery, Victoria, Australia. He was born in London and a disciple of Ajahn Chah.

    All the above talks are held at Tai Pei Buddhist Centre 3rd Floor at 7:30pm

    Anyone interested in offering Dana to Ajahn Kalyano, please contact Jumi or Florence at 6295 6362.

    All are welcome
    Dec 07
    Dec 08
    Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam, Malaysia

    To be held on 7 & 8 Dec at the Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam, Malaysia, this conference with the theme," Buddhism for a Richer Life", will bring together leading Dharma practitioners, Buddhist scholars and thinkers to discuss the major issues and challenges facing the Buddhist community and the world in the 21 st century.

    For details, please visit the website:

    All are welcome
    Dec 05
    Dec 08
    Singapore Buddhist Mission
    Camp Ehi Passiko 2002

    Contact Jimmy 97657696 or Liang Chien 98314140

    All are welcome
    Dec 07Buddha Vihara Society
    Monthly Dharma Talks
    VENUE :
    SEMINAR ROOM, #05-31,
    TEL: 348 0185 ; PAGER : 96070938
    07.12.2002 7.30 p.m. 9.30 p.m.Ven.Galle Udita Religious adviser of Buddha Vihara Society.Influences of Bodhisatta characters to our life.

    All are welcome
    Dec 08
    The Dharma Drum Mountain Library
    Introduction to Bodhisattva Precepts Have you wondered what exactly are the Bodhisattva Precepts? Are they so strict that are beyond our ability to apply in this modern world? What kind of attitude should we have if we are preparing for these Precepts?

    The Dharma Drum Mountain Library in Singapore has organised a dharma lecture to answer the above questions. It will be held on Sunday 8 Dec at Shuang Lin See Temple at Toa Payoh, 7pm. Do not miss this opportunity to hear from Venerable Guo Ming, disciple of Master Sheng Yen, on this topic!

    All are welcome
    Dec 13
    Dec 19
    Buddhist Library , The
    Meditation Retreat 2002
    Details of the meditation retreat are:-

    Date : 13/12/2002 (Fri) - 19/12/2002 (Thu)
    Venue : Sentosa Chalet
    Fees : $160 per person
    Conducted by: Venerable Henepola Gunaratana

    Venerable Henepola Gunaratana was ordained at the age of 12 in a small temple in Malanddeniya Village in Sri Lanka. At the age of 20, he was given higher ordination in Kandy in 1947. He received his education from Vidyalankara College and Buddhist Missionary College in Colombo. Subsequently, he did missionary work in India and Malaysia.

    In 1968, Ven. Gunaratana went to America to serve as Honorary General Secretary of the Buddhist Vihara Society of Washington and was appointed the President of the Society in 1980.

    He also taught courses in The American university, Georgetown University and University of Maryland. His books and articles have been published in Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, U.S.A and Singapore.

    All are welcome
    Dec 13
    Dec 22
    Cakkavala Meditation Centre
    Meditation Retreat by Sayalay Dipankara

    1. Introduction

    Cakkavala Meditation Centre was established in August 2000 by a group of Buddhists who appreciate deeply the teachings of the Buddha. As a group, they aspired to support each other in the learning and practice of the Buddha's teachings, especially in the area of meditation.

    The society has been highly blessed with the strong support and close guidance from Sayalay Dipankara, an outstanding disciple of a great and highly respected meditation master, Ven. Pha-Auk Sayadaw of Myanmar.

    From the linage of Sakyamuni Buddha, Sayalay teaches both Samatha (Concentration) and Vipassana (Insight) Meditation in a step-by-step manner. The objects of meditation commonly given to beginners are Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing) or the Four Elements. The yogis will then be guided through the stages of purification and insight-knowledges. It is indeed a very precious and profound practice. We hope that those who are interested in the Meditation practice would take this golden opportunity to participate in this retreat.

    2. The Meditation Teacher

    Sayalay Dipankara was born in 1964 in Myanmar. At a very young age, she started the meditation practice without external instruction. As she matured, she continued her practice but with guidance from various great meditation masters. In her university days, she was introduced by one of her professors, also a well known Abhidhamma teacher in Myanmar, to Ven. Pha-Auk Sayadaw for close guidance in Samatha and Vipassana practice. She accomplished the practice within a very short period, under the guidance of her skilful teacher. In 1990, she was ordained as a Buddhist nun at Pha-Auk Tawya Monastery. Since then, she was trained to be a meditation teacher.

    Sayalay Dipankara is experienced in teaching any of the 40 Kamatthana as mentioned in the Visuddhi Magga e.g. Anapanasati, Four Elements Meditation, Metta, Buddhanussati, Asubha, Marananussati and 8 Samapatti (1st Jhana to 8th Jhana), Kasina, etc and the Vipassana Meditation.

    In 1996, she was invited to Sri Lanka by the highly respected Mahathera, Venerable U Ariya Dhamma to assist her teacher, Ven. Pha-Auk Sayadaw in guiding the yogis. Since then, she has also been invited by various reputable Buddhist Centres in different countries to conduct courses and intensive meditation retreats for as long as 2 months. These countries include the United State (Insight Meditation Centre), Canada, Taiwan (Hong Shih Foundation), England (Amaravati & Citta Vevekha), Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, among others.

    While she was in England, the Oxford University and the Manchester University invited her for discussion on mind training. She was also invited for the Western Conference on Jhana at Jubilados Foundation/ Leigh Brasington, Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2001.

    3. The Retreat

    Duration of Retreat : 13 December - 22 December 2002
    Venue of Retreat : 825B Jln. Limbok (Off Philips Avenue, Yio Chu Kang Road) Singapore 549853
    Check-In time : 13 December 2002, Friday, 8pm
    Check-Out time : 22 December 2002, Sunday, 10am

    4. The Application

    a) Any interested individuals, who are healthy in body and mind and aspire to cultivate their minds, are welcome to register for the retreat regardless of race, religion and nationality.

    b) The application form should be completed and sent to us in any of the following ways:
    Send it together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope for our notification on your application status, to:
    111 Tampines Road
    #02-03 Singapore 535133
    Attn: Ng Pei Fuen

    Fax it to 67795183, Attn: Bro. Lu
    Email it to

    c) For further enquiry, please contact any of the following:
    Sis. Peifen 9852 8046 (HP)
    Bro. Leong 9766 3709 (HP)
    Sis. Shufang 9838 1720 (HP)
    Bro. Joey 9010 7096 (HP)

    d) Closing of Application: Applicants will be accepted on a first come first serve
    basis up to 60 full-time yogis or by 15 November 2002, whichever comes first.

    e) All successful applicants for the retreat will be notified either by email or postage mail before 17 November 2002.

    The Organiser reserves the right to reject any application if the information provided in the application form is incomplete or found to be untrue.

    5. Remarks

    a) The retreat is a precious gift of Dhamma for whoever interested in learning and practising the Noble Eight-Fold Path and hence will be offered free of charge to all.
    b) Due to limited capacity (max. 60 Yogis), priority will be given to applicants whose application is complete and who will join the retreat for the full period. Therefore, we would like to seek your understanding in case your application is not successful. For those who are given a place for the retreat, please treasure the opportunity.
    c) Non-participants are welcome to join the sittings after 7pm. There is no need to register but all are reminded to follow retreat rules for maximum benefit. There will be strictly no group or individual interviews with the teacher for part-time yogis.
    d) No criticism or sarcasm is allowed, especially towards other religions. Those who do so will be disqualified from taking part in the retreat.
    e) For the purification of sila (precepts taking) so as to reap maximum benefits in the meditation practice, all full-time yogis are required to abide by the 8 precepts (see attached for the list of precepts). Applicants who are unable to observe the 8 precepts are required to declare their reasons on the application form.
    f) Please bring along your own sleeping bag, personal toiletries and towel for covering the feet during meditation sittings (this towel could also serve as pillow cover or blanket).
    g) To help in more conducive and comfortable sitting, the following attires are recommended: - simple, plain or non-distracting attire
    - loose-fitting long trousers or sarong
    h) We would deeply appreciate & rejoice in your dana (meritorious deeds of giving) if you'd like to help defray part of the cost of running the retreat or help support our retreats in future.


    The Eight Precepts

    1. I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures.
    2. I undertake the precept to refrain from taking that, which is not given
    3. I undertake the precept to refrain from sexual indulgence.
    4. I undertake the precept to refrain from incorrect speech.
    5. I undertake the precept to refrain from taking anything, which causes intoxication and heedlessness, e.g. alcohol and drugs.
    6. I undertake the precept to refrain from eating at inappropriate times (after noon).
    7. I undertake the precept to refrain from dancing, singing, music, going to shows, wearing garlands and beautifying myself with perfumes and cosmetics i.e. things that tend to beautify and adorn (the person).
    8. I undertake the precept to refrain from lying on a high or luxurious sleeping place.

    *The 8 precepts are usually observed for 24 hours each time, and can be renewed daily.

    All are welcome
    Dec 15
    Burmese Buddhist Temple
    Dharma Talk by Venerable U Dhammasami

    Burmese Buddhist Temple has invited Venerable U Dhammasami to give a talk on "Buddhist Reflection on the Quality of Life" on 15th Dec at 5.00pm to 6.30pm.

    The Venerable was born in 1965 in Laikha, Myanmar. He became a novice in his early teens and completed the Dhammacariya degree at age 19. He holds two Masters degrees from Sri Lanka universities.

    Presently, he is preparing a research paper for his Ph.D at Oxford University. He has taught Vipassana meditation and conducted many retreats in the east and west. His publications include "Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy", "Different Aspects of Mindfulness" and "Dhamma Made Easy". Some of his books will be given away on the day of his talk.

    Dec 15Mandarin Hotel Ballroom. By Buddhist Fellowship
    Annual Gala Luncheon

    All are welcome
    Dec 20
    Dec 27
    By Buddhist Fellowship
    Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka
    A MUST in a lifetime - visit the beautiful Buddhist sites, tea plantation and the elephant orphanage on the exquisite island of Sri Lanka. There are 7 spaces left on this tour. The group is led by our VP, Christopher Lim Only $1,110 for members and $1,130 for non-members

    Please call our appointed tour agent directly, Azlin at 6746 5066 to make your reservation and payment

    All are welcome
    Dec 19
    The Pavilion at Singapore Post Centre. By Buddhist Library , The
    Public Talk : By Venerable H. Gunaratana

    Public Talk :by Venerable H. Gunaratana
    of the Bhavana Society, West Virginia, U.S.A.

    It is our honour to welcome back Venerable Dr. Henepola Gunaratana of the Bhavana Society of West Virginia, U.S.A. Bhante Gunaratana is a world renowned teacher of Buddhist meditation. He is the author of very well received books such as Come and See, The Path of Serenity and Insight, The Jhanas and Mindfulness In Plain English, as well as many articles on Buddhism and meditation. He holds a B.A., an M.A., and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from The American University. He taught courses on Buddhism at The American University, Georgetown University, Bucknell University, and University of Maryland. Also he has lectured at many universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He is currently the Abbot of the Bhavana Society of West Virginia.

    This talk will center on understanding the stress that builds up in every day life, the source of stress, and the way that stress is minimized with understanding and mindful attention. When we have right understanding of stress, we will be led to cultivate thoughts of a positive nature, especially thoughts of good will, thoughts of generosity, and thoughts of compassion. When we practice these three types of wholesome thoughts, our actions, mental, verbal and bodily become purified. Then, when we think of friends and people around us we will realize that they too have stress and we will begin to think in a friendly and positive way towards them. In this way our relationships with others will improve. Our thinking becomes clear, our behavior becomes clear, the source of stress becomes clear. With that clear state of mind we can associate with anyone without letting stress rule our lives.

    Venue: The Pavilion at Singapore Post Centre
    (next to Paya Lebar MRT)
    Date: 19 Dec 2002 (Thur)
    Time: 7.30pm
    Free admission. Please come early. Do bring a friend.

    All are welcome
    Dec 20
    Dec 22
    Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery
    Youth Camp 2002

    Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery will be co-organising a youth camp near the end of Dec 2002 to promote the awareness of Buddhism among the youths in Singapore. See details in the poster above.

    All are welcome
    Dec 23Kong Meng San Phor Kak See Monastery. By Buddhist Fellowship
    Public Talk by Ajahn Brahmavamso

    Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso
    Date: 23 Dec 2002 (Monday) at 7:30pm
    Venue: Kong Meng San Phor Kak See Monastery
    Topic: Getting Yourself Out of The Mud!

    All are welcome
    Dec 26
    Dec 31
    Main Organiser: Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple. Co-Organisers : Koon Chee Tng Buddhist Temple & Bodhi Raja Buddhist Society
    Venerable Dr KL Dhammajoti Dhamma Talk

    Venerable Dr KL Dhammajoti (Venerable Fa Guang) was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 1982, he has been teaching at Postgraguate Institute of Pali & Buddhist Studies, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

    Currently, he is the head of the department of Buddhist Literary sources at the Buddhist institute. Many of his postgraduates students come from various asian countries. He has also been appointed as a visiting Professor in Cananda & Hongkong with endless schedules of Dhamma teachings whereever he goes.

    Please invite your family and friends to come to Venerable Dr KL Dhammajoti's insightful Dhamma talk and be benefited from the sweet dew of the Buddha-Dhamma !

    The details are:-

    Topic: Taking Refuge in the Triple Gems
    Date : 26th December 2002
    Venue: Koon Chee Tng Buddhist Temple
    125 Moulmein Road Singapore 308081
    Time: 8.00 pm (Please be seated by 7.45pm)

    Topic: The 5 root Dhamma Methods - Faith & Wisdom
    Date: 27th December 2002
    Venue: Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple
    211 Bedok Road Singapore 469416 Tel: 62411122
    Time: 7.30 pm (Please be seated by 7.15pm)

    Topic: The 5 root Dhamma Methods - Viriya & Samadhi
    Date: 28th December 2002
    Venue: Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple
    211 Bedok Road Singapore 469416 Tel: 62411122
    Time: 7.30 pm (Please be seated by 7.15pm)

    Topic: The 5 root Dhamma Methods -
    Importance of Thought in Dhamma Practice
    Date: 29th December 2002
    Venue: Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple
    211 Bedok Road Singapore 469416 Tel: 62411122
    Time: 7.00 pm (Please be seated by 6.45pm)

    Topic: Meditation in Buddhist Perspective
    Date: 30th December 2002
    Venue: Bodhi Raja Buddhist Society
    3 Jalan Ulu Siglap Singapore 457122
    Time: 7.30 pm (Please be seated by 7.15pm)

    Topic: Meditation Dhamma Practice
    Date: 31st December 2002
    Venue: Man Fatt Lam Buddhist Temple
    211 Bedok Road Singapore 469416 Tel: 62411122
    Time: 7.30 pm (Please be seated by 7.15pm)

    All are welcome
    Dec 27
    Dec 29
    University Cultural Centre Theatre, NUS. By Kong Meng San Monastery, Burmese Buddhist Temple, Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association, Sunny*Rain and Bodhicitta.
    Charity Concert : Motivation. Unplugged

    The first fusion of east-and west Buddhist music will be presented by 3 Buddhist traditions on 27-28 Dec at the University Cultural Centre Theatre, NUS.

    This charity concert with the theme, "Motivation. Unplugged", is to raise funds for Shan You Counselling Centre and Buddhist Lighthouse. It will be co-presented by Phor Kark See Monastery, Burmese Buddhist Temple, Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association, Sunny*Rain and Bodhicitta.

    A Charity Concert presenting the three Buddhist traditions (Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana) jointly with two local Buddhist Hymns groups. Experience a unique collaboration between the vast ethnic music cultures blended with different musical instruments (tabla, erhu, guitar, drums etc), through this “East meets West” fusion concert.

    27 to 29 December 2002
    3pm (29 December only) & 8pm (27 & 28 December only)
    Theatre, University Cultural Centre
    Tickets at $36, $26, $16 TicketCharge*, 62962929,

    For tickets, please 97488196 or 90223435.
    All are welcome

    Note: For the very first time, Motivation.Unplugged, an East-Meets-West Music Synergy Concert bringing together Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist Traditions, will be presented to the local audience.

    Blending Chinese, Western and Indian musical instruments, together with an assortment of Buddhist ritual instruments, this concert creates a refreshing and soothing musical experience incorporating different styles and moods, aimed at bringing peace and calm to the mind and body.

    Backed by a professional music arrangers and musicians,
    Motivation.Unplugged will be jointly performed by Venerables from Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Bodhiraja Buddhist Society, Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association, together with local hymn groups, Sunny*Rain and Bodhicitta.

    The programme includes chanting of Heart Sutra, Awakening of the Fools, Guru Rinpoche Seven-Line Prayer, In Praise of the Buddha's Twelve Deeds, Maha Mangala Sutta, and Jaya Mangala Gatha; and new Buddhist hymns including Don't Just Believe, The Flight of the Fair Bird, The Everflowing Water of Bodhicitta, as well as Mandarin hymns.

    Motivation.Unplugged is co-presented by Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Bodhiraja Buddhist Society, Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association, Sunny*Rain and Bodhicitta. The main sponsor is Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Proceeds from the concert will be donated to local welfare groups, Shan You Counselling Centre and Buddhist Lighthouse.

    Bus Schedule on 27 & 28 Dec 02
    Free shuttle bus service from
    · Clementi MRT (next to McDonald's) at 7.15pm, 7.30pm & 7.45pm
    · Ang Mo Kio MRT (taxi stand) at 7.15pm
    · City Hall MRT (opposite Capitol Building) at 7.15pm

    Bus Schedule on 29 Dec 02
    Free shuttle bus service from
    · Clementi MRT (next to McDonald's) at 2.15pm, 2.30pm & 2.45pm
    · Ang Mo Kio MRT (taxi stand) at 2.15pm
    · City Hall MRT (opposite Capitol Building) at 2.15pm

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