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Biography of Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso

Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso (Peter Betts) was born in London in 1951. In 1975, he trained under Ajahn Chah in Thailand. In 1983, he joined the Bodhinayana Monastery in Perth, Australia and later became the Abbot, where he now resides. He teaches Buddhism to a wide and varied audience including children and local prisoners. His work in erudition in the Vinaya, the monastic code, currently provides the foundation for Vinaya instruction to Westerners in England, Switzerland Australia and New Zealand.

The Venerable gave a talk at Singapore Power(PUB), Auditorium on June 5th 2000 titled "Cool and Blissful"- That's Real Buddhism

Some of the articles written by the Venerable available on-line are:-
  • Anatta- Non-Self
  • Anatta- Non-Self(Download PDF)
  • Attachment
  • Buddhist Sexual Ethics
  • Buddhist Sexual Ethics(Download PDF)
  • Buddhist Summit Speech
  • Buddhist Summit Speech(Download PDF)

  • Discipline And Conventions Of Theravada Renunciate Communities
  • In The Presence Of Nibbana
  • In The Presence Of Nibbana(Download PDF)
  • Joy At Last To Know There Is No Happiness In The World
  • Joy At Last To Know There Is No Happiness In The World(Download PDF)
  • Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully
  • Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully(Download PDF)
  • May A Monk Act As A Doctor?
  • May A Monk Act As A Doctor?(Download PDF)
  • Meditation: The Heart Of Buddhism
  • Meditation: The Heart Of Buddhism(Download PDF)
  • Monks and Money
  • Monks And Women, Nuns And Men
  • Monks And Women, Nuns And Men(Download PDF)
  • Ordination_Of_Women
  • Ordination_Of_Women(Download PDF)
  • Ownership And Administration Of Monasteries
  • Paticca-Samuppada - Dependent Origination
  • Paticca-Samuppada - Dependent Origination(Download PDF)
  • Satipatthana: The Fourfold Focus Of Mindfulness
  • The Buddhist Perspective
  • The Buddhist Perspective(Download PDF)
  • The Bliss Of Letting Go
  • The Bliss Of Letting Go(Download PDF)
  • The Ending Of Things
  • The Ending Of Things(Download PDF)
  • The Five Hindrances
  • The Four Disrobing Offences
  • The Meaning Of Sangha
  • The Meaning Of Sangha(Download PDF)
  • The Ordination Ceremony Of A Monk
  • The Quality Of Mindfulness
  • The Quality Of Mindfulness(Download PDF)
  • The Time And Place For Eating
  • Travelogue To The Four Jhanas
  • Using Non-Self To Let Go
  • What The Buddha Says About Eating Meat
  • Wrong Livelihood


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