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From : Deanna Wooddy

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Homepage :

Country : Washington, USA

Date : January 13, 2000

Comments : Words for the Path of the Compassionate Lotus is the
Cyber Home of the Temple of the Thousand Swallows located in Tacoma,
Washington USA. The web site is a combination of Sensei Tasogare
Shinju's Haiku works and a Buddhist Practice page introducing many
traditions of Buddhism: PureLand, Tibetan, Theravadan, Mahayana,
Vajrayana and Dzogchen to the curious as well as present Buddhist
Practitioners. Present are a few Teachings, Texts and a note on
the practice of Tonglen. Courspondance Courses from authentic traditions
of Buddhism available. Information on Singapore Home grown Buddhist
societies and traditions in Buddhism....history of, who, what, and how
to contact these organizations. I see a little of that here, but I would like to
know more about Buddhism in Singapore.


From : Veronica Chew

e-mail :

Country : USA

Date : January 13, 2000

Comments : Interested in finding out more about Buddhism and am
glad that I found this website. Very comprehensive and user friendly!


From : Steven

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : January 30, 2001

Comments : I am a meditator and have always been interested in propagating
the teachings of the Buddha especially to the youngsters in Singapore. Would
appreciate if U could send some interesting buddhist articles to me. I am
also interested in exchanging ways in helping to propagate the religion.

Comment: A very informative buddhist page which enables young Singaporeans to
have a chance to come across the right teachings of the Buddha. May the Buddha,
Dhamma and Sangha be practised by all.

Moreinfo: Information on the forest tradition and also the Vinaya rules which
will let the public have a better idea of what are the dos and don'ts of a bhikkhu.
Can also include some pictures of practising monks.


From : Sivalidevi

e-mail :

Country : USA

Date : February 01, 2001

Comments : I'm really interested in Medicine Buddha (Vaidurya Tathagata).
Could you tell me more about him? I have read about Medicine Buddha in this
website. I wonder if you have more information about that Buddha... Also, can
you suggest me which Temple in the United States where I can go to worship Medicine
Comment: I like your website, it's very informative and attractive, especially
with pictures and midi.


From : Douglas Wong

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Country : Singapore

Date : February 17, 2001

Comments : I'm interested in phylosophy and Buddha's teaching! Good work!


From : Phyllis Wong

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : February 24, 2001

Comments : I started on the path seriously in 98 by attending courses on
basic buddhism and took refuge in the triple gem in Y2000. Although I am chinese but I
am Chinese illiterate. Therefore, really glad that they are so much materials and
information available in English.

Comment: Very good. Keep it up.

Moreinfo: Teachings on Tibetan Buddhism under your Collection of Buddhist Teachings and
Collection of Sutras.


From : Paritosh Taide

e-mail :

Country : India

Date : March 25, 2001

Comments : I am buddist from India. I am very much interrsted in buddhisum
and want some wallpaper of Gautama Buddha. Keep it up


From : Samantha

e-mail :

Country : Indonesia

Date : April 20, 2001

Comments : Hi, I'm someone who likes sports. Any kind. Running, cycling,
basketball, badminton, soccer, netball... OK, see you!


From : Tonghan

e-mail :

Country : Indonesia

Date : May 13, 2001

Comments : Hello every one I from indonesia, I know this web site from
my friend. nice to see u. More information on the bhudda story,picture,and the
actual information about buddhist


From : Ivan Pribradi Wijaya

e-mail :

Country : Indonesia

Date : May 26, 2001

Comments : I am is buddhist student from Indonesia & Iam verry needs buddhist
literature/books in english text & buddhism photo's/picture, but in here my country;
Indonesia, I have some difficulty to get buddhist literature/books in english text
& the buddhism photo's,I think you have that literature & if you don't mind I am
very hopeful you may to sent me my request to my address, here's my address :

Jln.Ciwaruga raya No.51 rt01/rw03 40559 Bandung, Jawa barat, INDONESIA

So big my hope to you for satisfy my curiosity about your service, especially for
buddhist people like me, because in my country, there are so not much a
books/literature buddhist in english text . I hope can get that books with free &
you may to sent me that books on my address but if you mind I can give a "DANA" charge,
I hope you can understand my conditions as a student who don't have a lot of money
& you may to sent me my request to my address for satisfy my curiosity about buddhism.

One's again Iam very hope for your service & willingness to buddhism people,
especially for buddhism people from another country like me.


From : Hong Leang

e-mail :

Country : NA

Date : May 31, 2001

Comments : I'm looking for Hai Yin Nunnery, hoping to stay there fora couple
of days to seek peace and meditation. This site provide a lot of information about
buddism. Very useful and nice music too.


From : Miao Chum

e-mail :

Country : Brisbane , Australia

Date : June 03, 2001

Comments : Undergraduate, currently in Brisbane. having practicing buddhism for
more than ten yrs, i am still in the the stage of learning frm others and would
like to open to more discussion in order to have a great knowledge. i am more incline
to chanting and hope to improve my understanding of buddhism to an advance stage.
This web page is very well done cos we can open up and get to know different sect
in buddhism.I am still new here and dunno whether is there a chat room or discussion
room here. and i hope to see diff topics frm diff people point of view to be discussed
every week.


From : James Quah Soo Eng @ Goodwind Realtors

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : June 04, 2001

Comments : I am 45 years old, married with 2 kids and my wife works for a bank.
My children attend buddhist classes on sundays in BISDS, the Buddhist Sunday School at
Brickfields, KL.

I am the principal realtor of Goodwind Realtors, a registered real estate agency, and
my services is in the sale and rental of properties.

Keep up the good dhamma works. Sadhu sadhu sadhu

Verses and chantings of sutras. Verses and chantings of mantras.


From : Joey Poh

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : July 10, 2001

Comments : I'm Joey Poh, 20, female, from Singapore. Working in the
servicing industry. I'm very much interested in Buddistism, Taoism, Confusium.


From : Koay Boon Hin

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : June 24, 2001

Comments : There is nothing permenant in this world so always do good
for it is the best after all!

Sadhu!Sadhu!Sadhu! well done! always update it!-latest and true story!


From : Doreen Quah

e-mail :

Country : Indonesia

Date : July 11, 2001

Comments : That I can search for buddhist organisation/s by grouping, e.g.
I want a list of all the Chinese Mahayana Buddhist organisations in Singapore.


From : Rusidi Sukatam

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Homepage :

Country : Indonesia

Date : July 22, 2001

Comments : I am student in Nalanda Colagge Buddhis Jakarta


From : David Leong

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Country : Singapore

Date : July 26, 2001

Comments : I am married with three children, age 54, an earlier retiree,
resident of Singapore. I am learning dharma through experience in life.Though
textbooks help, but I strongly believe by walking the path personally or
experimentally is more fruitful. My daily life is very simple. Normally as a
routine, I wake up in the morning, meditate, clean up, reading newspaper, do
a little bit of household chores, have breakfast, walking under the sun, do some
volunteering works, have light lunch, a little nap in the afternoon, reading,
shopping for & cooking dinner, taking bath, watch evening news or movies somtime, and
finally meditate & sleep.


From : Francis Williams

e-mail :

Country : Perth, Western Australia

Date : August 05, 2001

Comments : Please view my web site
before comming to Perth Western Australia for a holiday
Tel:618 9459 3873
Fax:618 9493 4287.
Very interesting


From : Debbie

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : August 06, 2001

Comments : Glad to be able to download achaan chah's teachings from
your website.Thanks for providing the dharma on-line.


From : Vincent Especkerman

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : August 09, 2001

Comments : Greetings of Peace!... I am a freelance writer. Am presently
writing an article on the need for Marriage preparation.

Any Buddhist societies in Singapore offer Marriage Preparation courses?
Any person I can quiz for my research?Very interesting and comprehensive site.
I expecting to be visiting this site by and by.


From : Karan O'Neill

e-mail :

Homepage :

Country : Dakota , USA

Date : August 25, 2001

Comments : I am the co-owner of the Kokoro Institute web site. I invite you
to join the web ring affiliated with our site, Dharma Home. I've, for a long
time, now, believed your site to be one of the most beautiful on the web, and would
be honored to have you be a part of our ring.


From : Trish

e-mail :

Country : USA

Date : September 02, 2001

Comments : I have a need to know more and can anyone become a Buddhist and
could I become one.


From : Leow Sam Nyin

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : September 05, 2001

Comments : I am a professional engineer working in Malaysia. I started
to learn Buddhism (Theravada) when I was an undergraduate in the University
of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. When I started work, I did not have the
opportunity (or was lazy) to follow through the teaching of Buddha. Recently, I have
the opportunity to join group in Mahayana Buddhism and managed to link my earlier
Theravada study with the Mahayana teaching.


From : Lim Siuk Jin (Ms.) / Uppala Devi

e-mail :

Country : Indonesia

Date : September 09, 2001

Comments : I am a 36 yrs old female(single), Chinese Indonesian.
I work for a foreign investment Hkg manufacturing company in Jakarta as
an Admin Mgr. I have learnt Buddhism since 10 years ago,I come from a
Buddhist traditional family, but I attended the Catholics school for its
being discipline, since it's quite difficult to find a good Buddhist
school here in Indonesia. So at that time (before I learnt Buddhism) I
knew more about Catholics than Buddhism, but very fortunate my dad never allow
us to be Christian before we knew more (in depth) about Buddhism. My mom
passed away when I was 9 yrs old and my dad passed away in Jan. 1997.

I would like to have as much info as possible about Buddhism teaching
and also to know about Buddhist friends more. So far I only can seek the Buddhist
book in Buddhist bookstore, since in Vihara library there's not much
updated/new versions of Buddhist books.


From : Shunqiang

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : September 11, 2001

Comments : Well you can improve on the fonts.


From : Kai

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : September 20, 2001

Comments : Hi . I happen to visit your site. Actually like to ask you if you
know of any Zen association or Master in Singapore. I know Zen & Buddhism are
quite similar but would appreciate if you can be so kind to advise me on this.
Currently I'm a teacher.


From : Aldo Mencarini Junior

e-mail :

Country : Brazil

Date : October 07, 2001

Comments : I am a tibetan buddhist, looking for teachings. Live in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, a SE Chagdud Rimpochj and SE Jetsun Kusho disciple.I come from
Brazil, and would like to say : -What a wonderful site you have here
!!!! Congratulations!!!! May all beings achieve true liberation and hapiness in
this lifetime.

May all beings be free from suffering, war, and have love, compassion and
freedom to achieve their best.

May all Masters and Bodhisattwas never aboandon us and keep their votes.

May many other buddhists have the discipline and dedication to construct similar
things like this one.

Moreinfo: For while yet don't know. Will try to inform later, when I have seen
all the things you have here.


From : Pauline See

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : October 07, 2001

Comments : As a committed buddhist, I take my faith seriously. Although
I took the precepts late, at the age of 48, I regard it as a blessing - the
doors to Buddha's Dharma were finally open to me.

I know there are lots more to learn, from sutras, from dharma talks etc. I
would appreciate receiving more information on "bettering" ourselves, through
this page.

Comment: This is my first visit, so I would like to reserve my comments.


From : Agnes

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : October 07, 2001

Comments : Me? oh... I would say nothing special about myself just an
ordinary gal from next door.

Comment: It is wonderful to see.. I was beginning to understand more about
Buddhism. Of course I love the Zen stories alot.. infact I learnt something
out of it. Good job!

Moreinfo: Do you change the wed cards, daily enligtenmemt often? Nothing much from me..


From : Jason

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : October 25, 2001

Comments : I am confused on nichiren shoshu what is the different between
nambutse sect and nichiren sect. I heard that nichiren teaching is the only one
that can save human beings in this latter life--Mappo is this true

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From: mohaideen
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 6:02 PM

i am an architectural student , i am doing my architecture in thiagarajar college of engineering . i am doing my thesis on" BUDDHIST HERITAGE CICUIT"

I am so much interested in buddha's philosophy..

what are the requirements needed for a buddhist heritage circuit. plese guide me on this regarding . i will be thankful to you.

i am practising zen meditation, i want to know more details on zen and dhamma badha , and buddhist architecture

comment: in this fast moving world everybody seeks peace. your site helps to know some thing about the buddhism and our life and the meditation, your web card service is so good.

moreinfo: about buddhist architecture and buddhist heritage circuit

From: Feriks A.
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2001 1:10 AM

about: name: feriks admadiredja nationality is Indonesia my delighted lenguages : spanish(espanol), english, italian(italiano), and french(francois)

at the begining i was a Buddhist, i only thought that Budhism is something like accustom or tradition, because I was not educated with "Real Budhism" by my parents, they said that they are Buddhist, but they just use Buddhist for identity (may be, if people ask them, what is you religion?'s just for identity) so i didn't get much lesson of Budhism.

But now, i've learnt it . wow! Buddhism is amazing, now i know who is LORD BUDDHA. I READ HIS UTTERANCES that really amazing, beautiful, bring peaceful for our heart.

I call Him, "Father of all fathers". yes, he is. because he told us how to get happiness(how to be goodthing!, NOT be "AN EXPERT OF PRAYING"), and prevent us from dangerous, chaostic. and told us how to be free from sadness and get eternal happiness. (I'M not telling that praying is not good, but it's secondly thing)

like, the most dangerous thing to us is gambling. people just realise it,if they've lost their money. but Lord have already told us compassionately that gambling make us "apayamukha"(fall down/INDONESIAN: RUNTUH.) and it's true.

so many acts that you can see in your live seem ok, but Lord Buddha have already seen that it's not ok. and He also have already told human what's good for you. wow! he is so ful of compassion to us. (i'm so sorry that my english not good, so i cann't tell what i want to tell precisely)

comment: amazing, magnificent, fabulous. and, i think you should translate the language into some languages(Indonesian, mandarin/chinese, malaysian) so we can also understand what is the cont

From: Bjarne Emmer
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 9:34 PM


about: Hello Im danish. Carpenter. I like yoga and meditation, and have studied this for years under several masters from the East. God bless good honest people protecting our human rights, and God bless the good nuns, Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim (from Korea) and Tenzin Palmo (from England). I build loghomes during the summer every year in Norway. I love our oldfashioned loghomes and the Jotunheimen mountains.

comment: I just surfed on in. Have to study some more.

moreinfo: More about the old 8th Khamtrul Rinpoche and his Drugpa Karma Kargyudpa School. More about the Togden Yogis, Trinley, Cholek and Anjam, and others. In general: More about female buddhism. I have 4 sisters. We are interested in ALL religions. Thank You for all your good words and articles here.

From: Nikki Loh
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2001 2:55 PM

about: Hi, my name is Nikki. I am a spiritual healer residing in Singapore and I am so happy to have come across your website. I enjoy being with animals and nature, and look forward to more peaceful world betwen nature and man. Meanwhile, I am at peace with the world and pray that everybody will be too.

comment: Beautifully created from the heart. Peaceful and soothing.

From: Iloym
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 12:05 AM

about: Hi, I'm from teh Singapore Soka Association. It's interesting to find out that u haf so many links. But I think you did not mention your own religion? After finding out about so many different religions what are your own opinions?

comment: The background music on the religion page sounds like a buddhist/taoist chant (i'm not sure which). Is it?

From: Peter Hauer
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 8:22 PM


about: I enjoy listening to your Buddhist ballades, especially the butterfly melody (butter.mid)!

moreinfo: Great information and links! I will visit your HP again every now and then. Peace!

From: Tay Hung Yong
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2001 11:06 PM

about: Hi, I am a Taoist, not a Buddhist, but I appreciate the tolerance you have shown through your website by including links to websites of other religions as well. Fu Sheng Wu Liang Tian Zun, or Heavenly Blessings.

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