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From : Pang Yoke Lan

e-mail :

Date : January 04, 1998

Country : Singapore

Comments : In the near future,pls kindly send me anything about the
buddhist activities in Singapore,news,information or voluntary works,as long
as I ready to serve the community through the Buddha's Way. Your willingness
to help I much appreciate. Buddha's activities throughout the year.


From : Irjip Valerie Dolan

e-mail :

Date : January 05, 1998

Country : Canada

Comments : I am a dharma teacher and practitioner.  Every Sunday evening
people come to my home, in Hamilton, Canada, to practice meditation and hear
a dharma talk.  Our group is called the Blue Heron Dharma Group.  Althought
I was trained in the Zen tradition, our Spiritual Advisor is Ven. Kovida, from
Sri Lanka. I am also an addictions counsellor and Gestalt Psychotherapist. I
have bookmarked this page.  I find it very interesting and hope to see more as you
develop to include Buddhist groups from around the world.


From : Wingofadov

e-mail :

Date : May 01, 1998

Country :

Comments : Your web page is so beautiful....thank you for sharing it.....


From : G S Lee

e-mail :

Date : May 03, 1998

Country : Kelantan , Malaysia

Comments : Hi, I'm from Kelantan, Malaysia. I've visited your homepage
but I cannot sign your guestbook. Maybe something wrong with it, I think you
have to check it.Well, if you have any news or annoucement on Budhhism, please
do let me know also, thanks.



e-mail :

Date : May 03, 1998

Country : Singapore

Comments : Hi everyone ! I am am a 17 year old guy and would really
like to get in contact with buddhists around my age in Singapore as to
improve on how to propogate the buddha Dharma and see into the problems
that we are facing :especially the " Yi Guan Dao" ," Zhen Fo Zhong" etc
that is misguiding many people and spoiling the buddha's name , the fact
that the buddhist community is lacking of young people and I hope anyone
who sees this message will get in contact with me ! Amitabha


From : Bruce Maltz

Homepage : Nichiren Buddhist Channel

e-mail :

Country : Eugene , Oregon , USA

Date : May 19 , 1998

Comments : I love your web site! Please add my link.
( NOTE: Click here for Singapore Soka Association link ).

Kempon Hokke Kai PO Box 5874 Eugene, Oregon 97405


From : Alycia Yeo

e-mail :

Country : Perth, Australia

Date : July 08 , 1998

Comments : I am a singaporean currently persuing a degree in multimedia
in Perth,Curtin University.It is my intention to create an interactive cd
rom to promote the teachings of the buddha .I need all the help I can get
as to what is to be included and what not and also images and information.
It is my intention to distributes these cd roms to buddhist society both in
Singapore and Western Australia. It is an expression of my goodwill where
people reprint scriptures and booklets for distribution . I want to use my
knowledge of multimedia to produce something along that gender but in a cd
rom form. Please advice


From : Carol Su-Yen Chan

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : July 15 , 1998

Comments : I tried to send my comments through your guest book but
failed. I just want to say that this web page on Buddhism is good. I am
a Buddhist and been one for a long time. However, knowledge is an ever
growing adventure and have been interested in knowing more of the Way
of Life.I hope you can help me on topics of Meditation as I am keen in
learning some basic steps.Is there a way to locate whether The City of
Ten Thousand Buddhas
in San Francisco is hooked on the net? If you know
anything about the place, please share with me. I have been hoping to
visit the place but with the economy as it is here I don't think so it
will be very soon.The late Master Hsuan Hua was a very good monk and he
helped write a lot of articles and has been to Malaysia for Dharma talks.
Anyway, Chin Soo, I wisk to thank you for creating a web page and hope
you can put my address on the email list.


From : Susan Gallardo

e-mail :

Country : ( USA ? )

Date : July 30 , 1998

Comments :I really enjoy the music,,,it is theraputic in itself. Susan Gallardo 8160 Piute sp57 CS,CO 80926 719-538-0489


From : Siriguna

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : August 03 , 1998

Comments : Saddhu for the interest in the sharing of the Buddha's Word
with the World at large. May you and your family earn the merits of your
kusala karma.


From : Foo Chuan Kit

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : August 11 , 1998

Comments : I am a doctor in MOH. Am really impressed with what you've
done for your homepage.Great job ! Especially like the music that comes on
with the page. Am discovering Buddhism right now. Information on how I can
volunteer my professional services to the Dharma world. Cheers !


From : Yong Pui Fun

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : September 25 , 1998

Comments : Been born to a Buddhist family but only recently discovered
the spiritual side of life. Interested in finding out more, on meditation,
visits to India on a Buddhist pilgrimage. Perhaps locate like-minded groups
for travels to Buddha's birthplace etc.


From : Sally

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : October 06 , 1998

Comments : I'm 23,. I'm now working as a full time Junior Secretary
and studies Psychology -1st year as a part timer. I go for my meditation
classes on every Saturaday and Dharma session on every Wednesday. The very
moment I came this page, I feel delighted!!! I think there is a need for
more Buddhists to create a page like yours as a way to promote Buddhism.
It's all Buddhists responsibility to spread the Dharma in any kinds of
positive ways, including participating to the Buddhist netlink.
Thanks Chin Soo!!! May you and all beings be well and happy.


From : Andrea Richmond

e-mail :

Country :

Date : Oct. 13 , 1998

Comments : Hi. I am out surfing for Buddhist texts! . Your page
& links are the most beautiful pages I have ever seen!- Andrea


From : Ik Wei Sia

e-mail :

Country : Singapore

Date : October 16 , 1998

Comments : I'm a Buddhist. However, that's a pity I never attend
any buddhist activity before. I really feel like want to meet more buddhist
friends and learn more about Buddhist's things. I 'm a Malaysian girl,
however, I come from a small hometown which most of my friends they are
Christians.....Good ( webpage ) . Can I know who is Dharma????
Advice letter box.......for example, when I have any problem I can ask...


From : Chan

e-mail :

Country : Hong Kong

Date : October 17 , 1998

Comments : I have seen your objectives, which is similar to the
intention of setup the site Would you like to put
a link to our site? I believe Buddhism should be for all living beings
(don't know if this the term used---by the way can you read Chinese?).
I believe Buddhism is not for Buddhist only, but also for non-Buddhist .
They can, one day become Buddhas too, if they want to and have the will to
become one !I have not gone inside your webpage yet !


From : Charlie Chia

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : October 27 , 1998

Comments : I am a member of the Central Management Committee of the
Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia.. I am indeed overwhelmed by the
elaborate efforts in putting our pristine religion on the multimedia map
of the world. Buddhism have certainly matured to be on par with the
religions of the world in the propogation efforts. Your homepage is
definitely the best and your efforts would be greatly appreciated.
The Gift of Truth Excels All Other Gifts. Saddhu, Saddhu, Saddhu


From : Anurag Tewari

e-mail :

Country : India

Date : November 01 , 1998

Comments : "Ni Hao". I am Chinese-English speaking guide for Buddhist
tour as well as to other places. I was looking for some information on
Kushinagar, when I happened to pass through your site, which is quite
informative. Keep it up. Incidently, I just came back from Buddhist sector


From : Leong Kok Kee

Homepage :

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : November 18 , 1998

Comments : I a buddhist worker from Malaysia. Good.


From : Andy Lee

e-mail :

Country : Malaysia

Date : November 21 , 1998

Comments : I like to learn buddhist teaching ..nice (homepage )...
I like it ...but should put more info maybe about the life of Buddha
or picture of the Buddha ..


From : Dr Homer Le

Homepage :

e-mail :

Country : California, USA

Date : December, 31 1998

Comments : I am Zen practictioner and teacher, Founder of Empirical
Zen of America (a Scientific Zen methodology and Sutra). I live in
California USA. If any one wish to learn about this method please:-
1) Join in the EZENA club in yahoo
2) email to me directly
the book is printing and will not be released until after February 1999.

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