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For 1999

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From : Mary Ann Archer

e-mail : maryann@gibralter.net

Country : -

Date : March 05, 1998

Comments : I enjoying studying different religious beliefs.


From : Tay Hung Yong

e-mail : anan@cyberway.com.sg

Country : -

Date : May 01, 1998

Comments : I like your idea on providing religious links. More in-depth
studies needed for religions.


From : Dave Biswas

e-mail : davebiswas@yahoo.com

Date : June 21, 1999

Country : Maryland. USA

Comments : It is a great page. Readers will get more benefit if basic
teachings are added in this page.The study and practice of basic teaching
of Buddha would make the reader realises the need for compassion and
loving-kindness and tolerance. Then only will it be possible to bring about
a better understanding among ourselves. To see body of the Buddha is to know
the mind of Buddha. I am pretty sure that you're aware of it. It's a nothing
but a word initiation.


From : Parry Tan Puay Hua

e-mail : parrytph@singnet.com.sg

Date : August 01, 1999

Country : Singapore

Comments : Thank you for sharing this site ( best of religions ). Best
regards to you and your family.


From : Thomas Nowak (Karma Dine Yeshey)

e-mail : frisco@borg.com

Date : August 30, 1999

Country : New York, USA

Comments : Your page is wonderful. I am so happy to know about the web
ring. Much joy to you and your family. may all beings be well, may all
beings be happy, peace peace peace.


From : John Kok

e-mail : kokjt@sbu.ac.uk

Date : October 17, 1999

Country : London, England

Comments : I am 39 yrs old, working as a Senior Lecturer (South
Bank University) London interests in Applied Psychology in Organisation and
also in Health and Social Care Training) like your page, lots of
interesting items to look at and the conversion is good - would like some
information on this please


From : Robert Yellowhammer

Homepage : http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/phrakhem

e-mail : rob@yellowhammer.screaming.net

Date : October 31, 1999

Country : UK

Comments : My original teacher was Reverend Master Jiyu Kennet, who
founded Shasta Abbey, California, and Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey,
Northumberland, UK. Each day I meditate in my home shrineroom, sometimes
joined by my wife. I am very grateful to have been able to follow the
Buddha's Dharma in this lifetime. In the last few years I have been
visiting several English prisons as appointed Buddhist Minister as a member
of Angulimala (see website) Enjoyed all the photos and the music.


From : Don Ross

Homepage : http://NichirensCoffeehouse.tripod.com

e-mail : CampRoss@flash.net

Date : November 21, 1999

Country : England

Comments : You have a very informative webpage on Buddhism! I added
your page as a resource in my webpage Nichiren's Coffeehouse: Interfaith
Links on the Lotus Sutra. Perhaps you can return a link to my page?

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