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Lee Chin Soo Guest Book
For 1998

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From : Alex Ang

e-mail : kta1@cyberway.com.sg

Country : Singapore

Date : January 06 1998

Comments : I'm married with 2 young boys. 37+ this year and I have a
son in Maha Bodhi School P2. Buddhist inclination. Keen in internet and to
learn set up of home page.ike the nice music and very impress with the
homepage and the information.Will come back again.Keep up the good work.
The next challenge will be to keep it updated. Well Done and would like to
learn from you.


From : John Whalen-Bridge

e-mail : johnwb@ll.u-ryukyu.ac.jp

Country : Japan

Date : March 02 , 1998

Comments : Hi--tried to sign your guest book but got a "FILE NOT FOUND"
message. Anyway, I enjoy your web page. Am moving to S'pore in 3 months
to begin teaching (American literature) at NUS. Look forward to meeting you


From : Lora Lauder

Homepage : The Lauder Activity Page

e-mail : laud@sunsix.infi.net

Country : Paducah, Kentucky , USA

Date : March 04 , 1998

Comments : I tried to sign your guestbook after looking at your home page.
It wasn't working properly.I wanted you to know that I enjoyed looking at your
home page.


From : Bruce Maltz

Homepage : Nichiren Buddhist Channel

e-mail : fujufuse@cris.com

Country : Eugene , Oregon , USA

Date : May 19 , 1998

Comments : I love your web site! Please add my link. Kempon Hokke Kai PO Box 5874 Eugene, Oregon 97405


From : Jun Swah

e-mail : jun@famsin.com.sg

Country : Singapore

Date : Aug 03 , 1998

Comments : Just want to say that you did a wonderful job linking all religions
together. I am a Baha'i and what you did is very Baha'i-minded. Thanks for the wonderful
links to the beautiful cards which I have sent some to my friends.
Best Regards
Jun Swah
"The Earth is but one country and mankind its citizens." ~ Baha'u'llah


From : Andrea Richmond

e-mail : RichmondAA@aol.com

Country :

Date : Oct. 13 , 1998

Comments : Hi. I am out surfing for Buddhist texts! . Your page & links are the
most beautiful pages I have ever seen!- Andrea


From : Liew & Mak

e-mail : lcmak@tm.net.my

Country : Melacca, Malaysia

Date : Oct. 18 , 1998

Comments : We are from Melaka, and enjoyed with your homepage very much.

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