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    November 2021

    Nov 06
    Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
    Bhante Ayasma about MEDITATION and ask questions about meditation in theory and practice

    We are glad to announce our first LIVE Q&A session with Bhante Ariyadhammika, organised by Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS), where yogis can discuss with Bhante about MEDITATION and ask questions about meditation in theory and practice.

    SBS hereby aspires to provide a platform and encourage more Buddhists to take up meditation, and to help deepen their practice. Out of compassion, Bhante has made himself available to kickstart this maiden Q&A session on Saturday, 6th Nov 2021 at 9:00am.

    Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
    Facebook Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary
    Meeting ID: 833 0641 6055

    All are welcome
    Nov 06By Buddhist Fellowship Youth
    Mindfulness calligraphy

    This Saturday, 6 Nov, we will be having a mindfulness calligraphy session @ Fo Guang Shan Temple

    Date: 6 Nov 2021
    Time: 2pm to 4.30pm
    Venue: Fo Guang Shan (1 Punggol Pl, Level 3, Singapore 828844)

    Do note that there is a cap of 20 pax for the workshop, so do sign up soon as slots are limited!

    Registration link:

    All are welcome
    Nov 12
    Nov 21
    By Buddhist Fellowship
    Jhana Grove 9-Day Retreat with Ajahn Brahm @ Changi Cove and/via Zoom

    Ajahn Brahm will be conducting an onsite retreat with live retreatants at Jhana Grove. As we are unable to travel, we can attend it via Zoom or together in a function room at Changi Cove Hotel.

    This is the first time Ajahn Brahm is going to conduct a hybrid retreat.

  • Day 1 (12 Nov)- Opening Dhamma Talk 7pm-8pm
  • Day 2-9 (subject to change)

    6am Morning Chanting & Morning Meditation or Nature Walk
    7am Breakfast
    Attend in Function Room at Changi Cove for those register to attend onsite:

    9am Morning Dhamma Talk
    10am Stretching and Meditation
    11am Lunch Break
    2pm Meditation
    3pm Sutta Discourse
    4pm Stretching and Meditation
    5pm Evening Break: Nature Walk
    Attend in own room:

    7pm Chanting, Q&A & Meditation

    Day 10 (21 Nov) - attend in own room
    6am Morning Chanting & Morning Meditation
    7am Breakfast Break
    8am - 10am Morning Dhamma Talk and Closing
    For those staying at the hotel: check out of hotel at 12pm and option to head to Pulau Ubin for lunch and nature walk

    Zoom only Retreat Fee: SGD150

    Onsite Retreat Fee: $320 (Changi Cove Hotel Function Room)

    Option: You may book the hotel room at Changi Cove at a special rate and attend the retreat as group in the function room from 9am-5pm. You can take nice nature walks and even head to Pulau Ubin for lunch.

    The net fees after deducting Bodhinyana Singapore’s operational expenses, will be split between Buddhist Society of Victoria (as requested by Ajahn Brahm) and Buddhist Fellowship to support their projects.

    If you need a partial fee waiver, please write to

    BF West Centre : Yeo's Building, 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, #02-00, Singapore 108942
    BF East Centre : Mitra @ Orion Building, 160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-03, Singapore 409022
    Website :


    All are welcome
  • Nov 13By Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    Practising Kindness in a Hectic World by Venerable Sangye Khadro

    Topic: Practising Kindness in a Hectic World
    Speaker: Venerable Sangye Khadro
    World Kindness Day: 13 Nov 2021
    Time: 10am - 11.30am (GMT+8)

    In our rush to get things done in a fast-paced world, do we sometimes forget to practise kindness? His Holiness the Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” On World Kindness Day, Venerable Sangye Khadro will give practical advice, drawn from the ancient wisdom of Buddhism, on how we can be kind to ourselves and to others in our hectic lives. Please invite your family members and friends to this event. Together, we can make the world a kinder place!

    Join Zoom meeting:

    𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗩𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘆𝗲 𝗞𝗵𝗮𝗱𝗿𝗼 Venerable Sangye Khadro was resident teacher at the Amitabha Buddhist Centre for 11 years (1989 - 2000). Since then, she has taught at other FPMT centres and also followed the Masters Program at Lama Tsong Khapa Institute, Italy, which she completed in 2013. Ordained in 1974, Venerable Khadro is a student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, among other illustrious masters. She is the author of the best-selling How to Meditate, as well as Awakening the Kind Heart, and more recently, co-authored with Lama Zopa Rinpoche Wholesome Fear: Transforming Your Anxiety About Impermanence and Death. (All three titles are published by Wisdom Publications under her lay name, Kathleen McDonald.)

    All are welcome
    Nov 20
    Dec 11
    By Amitabha Buddhist Centre
    Creating Peace in a Chaotic World by Venerable Sangye Khadro

    [𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝟮𝟭 𝗡𝗼𝘃 𝟮𝟭: Recording of the 1st session is now available at]

    Date: Saturdays, 20 Nov to 11 Dec 2021
    Time: 10am - 11.30am (GMT+8)

    When everything around us is in a flux, how can we achieve inner peace and contribute to external peace? Please join us from this Saturday for a series of four teachings by Venerable Sangye Khadro, to learn how to cultivate the mental qualities of loving kindness, compassion and wisdom that will help us to create peace in a chaotic world.

    Ven. Sangye Khadro is a senior FPMT teacher and former resident teacher at ABC for 11 years (1989 – 2000). She is also a best-selling author under her lay name, Kathleen McDonald.

    Join Zoom meeting:

    All are welcome
    Nov 28
    Dec 19
    By Buddhist Fellowship

    Sutta Study with Ajahn Sujato on Sundays, from 18 Nov to 19 Dec 2021, 4pm to 6pm via Zoom
    Register with Eventbrite

    All are welcome
    Nov 28By Buddhist Fellowship
    Sunday Service: Talk by Sayalay Sujata

    Buddhist Fellowship Sunday Service 28 Nov 2021 Dhamma Talk by Sayalay Sujata-How can We Transform Our Habitual Coping Strategies with Dhamma
    Venue: BF West, Dhamma Hall


    Register with Eventbrite

    Have you been fully vaccinated against Covid-19? (Please attend on-site ONLY if you are fully vaccinated for your own well-being.)

    There will be no walk-ins and registration is not transferable.
    Admission criteria for participants ATTENDING at BF West Centre:
    If you have answered "yes" to any of the 4 questions below, please come to Buddhist Fellowship at another time.
    1) Do you have fever (over 37.5 deg C) / cough / runny nose / sore throat / breathing difficulty or anosmia (loss of smell)?
    2) Have you travelled outside Singapore in the last 14 days or had close / frequent contact with a COVID-19 case in the last 14 days?
    3) Have you been issued with an Isolation Order or are you on the Home Recovery Programme?
    4) Have you received a “Health Risk Warning” (HRW) SMS or received a “Health Risk Alert” (HRA) SMS in the last 14 days?

    BF West Centre : Yeo's Building, 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, #02-00, Singapore 108942
    BF East Centre : Mitra @ Orion Building, 160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-03, Singapore 409022
    Website :

    All are welcome


    December 2021

    Buddha Dhamma Foundation
    The Way It Is by Ajahn Sumedho

    "It is only through calming down and restraint, not through following restlessness and being caught up in emotions that we have a chance to realise the Unconditioned. It’s only when we can let go, calm down and reflect, that there is a realization of the ending of the conditioned realm - in which everything that arises ceases - and a realization of Nibbana.

    Download Book in PDF "The Way It Is" by Ajahn Sumedho :

    This book contains a collection of teachings of Ajahn Sumedho given to people who are familiar with Theravāda Buddhism and have some experience of meditation. Most of the chapters are edited from talks given during retreats for lay people or for Ajahn Sumedho’s monastic disciples.

    All are welcome
    Dec 12By Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
    Secular Mindfulness vs Buddhist Mindfulness

    The studies found that mindfulness can increased our happiness and navigate some new changes in our daily life. We are honored to invite Ven. Ariyadhammika and Ven. Thubten Chödrön to share the insights on Mindfulness.

    Date : 12 Dec 2021 (Sunday)
    Time : 08:45 – 10:30 GMT+8
    Speakers : Ven. Ariyadhammika,Ven. Thubten Chödrön
    Moderator : Dr Yeoh Kar Kheng
    Platform: ZOOM
    Do you want to live your life fully and enjoy every moment? Eastern Horizon is honored to bring you the seminar about secular mindfulness vs Buddhist mindfulness! Register link;

    Profile for Speaker 1: Ven. Ariyadhammika
    Ven. Ariyadhammika is an Austrian Buddhist monk who ordained in 2005 in Myanmar with Pa-Auk Sayadaw as his preceptor and meditation teacher. He maintained a very simple lifestyle, living out in the open and under trees, dedicating himself to mindfulness of breathing and later also to many other meditation subjects. He was initiated into the meditation techniques of Mogok, Mahasi, Shwe Oo Min/U Tejaniya and Sunlun.

    He went to Thailand in 2010, where he stayed for 3 years at Wat Pah Nanachat, undergoing the traditional training of a Thai forest monk of the Ajahn Chah lineage. He stayed in Malaysia from 2013 to 2015, studying Pāli, Suttanta and the Vinaya under the guidance of Ven. Aggacitta Mahāthera. From 2015 to 2018 he stayed in Sri Lanka and returned to Malaysia in Jan. 2018 where he was appointed Saṅghanāyaka of SBS Monk Training Centre.

    For full bio please visit

    Profile for Speaker 2: Ven. Thubten Chödrön
    Ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist nun in 1977, Venerable Thubten Chodron is an author, teacher, and the founder and abbess of Sravasti Abbey, a Tibetan Buddhist training monastery for Westerners in the U.S. Ven. Chodron teaches worldwide and is known for her practical explanations of how to apply Buddhist teachings in daily life. She is also actively involved in prison outreach and interfaith dialogue. She has many publications on Buddhist philosophy and meditation, and is currently co-authoring with His Holiness the Dalai Lama a multi-volume series of teachings on the Buddhist path. The first volume, Approaching the Buddhist Path, is available July 2017. Visit for a media library of her teachings, and to learn more about the Abbey.

    Profile for Moderator : Dr Yeoh Kar Kheng
    Dr Yeoh is a SIY Certified Teacher trained by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, USA. Search Inside Yourself (SIY) is a scientific based mindfulness and emotional intelligence curriculum that was developed and tested at Google. To date, he has conducted over 100 mindfulness workshops to various audiences ranging from global technology companies to investment firms, hospitals, and humanitarian organizations. In Asia, he is one of the pioneers in introducing mindfulness training to corporate organizations, including Intel, Dell, Huawei, TSMC, Deloitte, Mercedes-Benz, Infineon, and Vitrox etc. He is also the founding chairman of Malaysia Mindfulness Association and has frequently been featured in local mass media. Kar Kheng obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Oxford, UK. He is currently a senior lecturer in the School of Chemical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

    Facebook :

    All are welcome
    Dec 19By Kong Meng San Monastery
    Blood Donation Drive(捐血活动)

    KMSPKS Blood Donation Drive takes place on 19 December 2021. Please come forward to help those who are in need during this crucial period.

    Date: 19 Dec 2021 (Sun)
    Time: 9am to 3pm

    All are welcome
    Dec 24
    Dec 29
    By Buddhist Fellowship
    Stillness in Turbulent Times: Year-End Retreat 2021 with Ajahn Brahm and Ajahn Brahmali via Zoom

    Please note that Ajahn Brahm and Ajahn Brahmali will be teaching via ZOOM from Perth; they will NOT be travelling to Singapore.

    Sign up NOW:

  • STAY-IN (6D5N - room, breakfast, lunch & tea) @ Hotel Grand Central
    Single Room - $1,228 for 1 pax Twin-sharing Room - $1,588 for 2 pax
  • STAY-OUT (with lunch & tea; no room) @ Hotel Grand Central
  • Conference - $468 for 1 pax
  • VIRTUAL - ZOOM only - FREE but donations are welcome

    1. Early bird prices end on 31 Oct 2021, after which prices may be adjusted. (Registration & payment must be received by 31 Oct 2021) Late registrants/payments requesting for early-bird prices will NOT be entertained.

    2. Registration and Payment Closing Date: 15 Dec 2021, 5pm

    3. No refunds will be entertained. However, you may wish to find your own replacement or treat the payment as a donation to Buddhist Fellowship.

    4. All the above options are via Zoom. However, for the stay-in option, you can certainly have a more fulfilling retreat with like-minded retreatants, practising together without having distractions, duties and responsibilities at home.

    5. Buddhist Fellowship reserves the right to make changes due to unforeseen circumstances.

    BF West Centre : Yeo's Building, 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, #02-00, Singapore 108942
    BF East Centre : Mitra @ Orion Building, 160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-03, Singapore 409022
    Website :


    All are welcome
  • Dec 31Buddhist Library
    Medichant 2021 and Welcome the New Year

    Medichant 2021
    Date: 31 Dec 2021 (Fri)
    Time: 7.30pm to 12.00am
    Venue: The Buddhist Library, Level 2 Auditorium Register Now! Only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed into the premises.

    Welcome the New Year with a Peaceful and Pure State of Mind
    Every year, we welcome the next year with an evening of puja, chanting and meditation. This allows us to begin the new year with a peaceful and pure state of mind. This year, our Medichant will start at 7.30pm on Friday, 31 December 2021 with a programme that will take us through midnight and usher in the New Year’s day of 2022. Come join us in starting 2022 on the right note.

    佛教图书馆在每年阳历新年前夕的晚上都会主办诵经与静坐的活动来迎接新的一年。这活动的目的是促使参与者能以安详与慈悲的心态来开始新的一年。今年我们将会在十二月卅一日(星期五) 晚上7.30开始这活动直到2022年到来为止。希望大家能踊跃参与此活动以清静慈悲的心境来开始新的一年。

    7.30pm to 8.15pm Puja, Pali Sutta Chanting 法会和巴利文诵 经
    8.15pm to 9.00pm Meditation 静坐
    9.00pm to 9.15pm Break 休息
    9.15pm to 10.30pm Chinese Chanting on “88 Buddhas” 诵 《八十八佛》
    10.30pm to 11.15pm Meditation 静坐共修
    11.15pm to 11.30pm Break 休息
    11.30pm to 12am Pali Chanting (Mahasamaya Sutta), Blessings,
    New Year Countdown & Meditation

    All are welcome
    NTUBS and NUSBS Buddhist Societies from 1982 to 1988

    All are welcome
    Dec 31
    Happy New Year

    All are welcome
    Dec 31Aranya Sangha Dana Fellowship Limited 阿兰若护僧团
    Happy New Year

    As 2021 comes to an end, let’s take a moment to reflect…

    Have we grown closer to the Buddha Dharma, or walked further away? Have we deepened relationships with loved ones, or drifted further away…

    Wholesome people, wholesome deeds, wholesome friendships often withstand the test of time and the law of karma. And as we pass through the passage of time, hopefully what we experience in our lives, grows into wisdom.

    As we strive towards nirvana, not only do we need to have strong faith and unwavering belief in the Buddha Dharma, we also need to treat people around us with a sincere, wise and compassionate heart.

    As we inch closer to 2022, may we continue to be Kalyāṇa-mittatās and support encourage each other along this path towards final liberation.

    Best wishes
    From everyone in ASDFL Secretariat



    “事与愿违” 常反省,


    , 因果更是未曾空过。



    All are welcome

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