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Vassana Retreat

Buddha had advised the monks not to travel during the vassana rainy season ( in northern India ). Instead they should spend the time at one place. The lay people would then take care of their needs. In return, the monks would spend time guiding them on the spiritual path. This tradition is still being practised today by the Theravada monks.

Ok Phansa

Buddhists in northeast Thailand celebrate the end of the annual Buddhist rainy season retreat ( vassana ) by having various activities in the temples and shrines in the belief that the accrued merit enables them to personnaly determine their future rebirth.

Kathina ( Robe Offering) Ceremony

Since Buddha's time, this ritual had been practised during rainy seasons. It is an ancient ritual started by our Grand Master, Namo Goutama Buddha to allow monks to stay indoors without going around to collect alms in rainy weather. As such devotees supported the monks with foods and requisites at a sheltered location provided by devotees. After the rainy season ended, the ceremony to offer robes to the Maha Sangha were held. For more than 2,550 years, this tradition continues, particularly by the Theravada (Southern)Buddhist monks. It is the highest level of blessings to offer robe and requisites to the Maha Sangha during this period. Witnessing such ceremony bring good blessings from the Buddha's orders, aschanting and observing of Eight Precepts are usually held concurrently.

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