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Consciousness (Citta) - detailed syllabus Lesson Contents 1. 5-aggregate and abhidhamma subjects, 3 evil roots and 3 good roots and its combinations; Conventional and Ultimate reality, Relative and Absolute reality; Explanation of Akusala, Kusala,Vipaka and Kiriya. Read the preface of Manual of Abhidhamma by the late Ven Narada 2. Evils Roots, Explanation of feelings involved, inducement, wrong view. 12 akusala cittas. Illustration of the 12 akusala citta. Akusala citta and 10 immoral kamma. Akusala citta and 10 fetters/4 stages of sainthood. 3. Exercise on hearing, retrospective and oral sum. Thought process and its functions. Explain vipaka citta. Ahetuka Citta and thought process. Revision of akusala cittas and ahetuka cittas. 4. 3 Good Roots. Explanation of feelings involved, prompted/unprompted, knowledge / wisdom. Kusala, vipaka and kiriya - Sobhana Cittas. Revision of akusala, ahetuka and sobhana cittas and Kamavacara. 5. Explain samatha and vipassana meditation. Explanation of rupajhana factors (6) and the hindrances. 4 jhanas and 5 jhanas systems. Mandala meditation - earth kasina. Practical experience and its functions. Rupavacara cittas & planes of existence. Revision of Kamavacara & Rupavacara Cittas 6. Explain the rupa jhanas and arupa jhanas. Arupavacara cittas and planes of existence. Revision of Kamavacara, Rupavacara & Arupavacara Cittas. Explanation of the 4 stages of sainthood and magga/phala. Lokuttara cittas. Revision of the 89 types of cittas. Relation of jhana, sainthood and magga/phala. 121 types of cittas. Mental States (Cetasika) - Definition, 52 kinds, combination of mental states. Immoral mental states, 'Beautiful' mental states. Supra-mundane consciousness, Sublime consciousness, Immoral consciousness, Rootless consciousness. Miscellaneous Section - Summary of feeling, roots, functions, javana, death, doors of consciousness, objects, time , higher knowledge and bases. Analysis of thought-process - 5 sense-door thought process, mind-door thought process. Appana thought process. Procedure of Retention, procedure of javana. Nirodhasamapatti, classification of individuals. Process-free Chapter - 4 kinds of planes, celestial planes, 4-fold rebirth, 4-fold kamma. Immoral kamma, moral kamma, various types of kamma, procedure with regard to decease and rebirth. Death, death nimittas. Stream of consciousness. Analysis of Matter - Enumeration of matter, classification of matter, the arising of material phenomena, grouping of material qualities. Nibbana. Factors of Enlightenment. The Compendium of Relations - The Law of Dependent Arising, the Law of Causal Relations. Relations of mind and matter. Pannatti. Mental Culture - Compendium of Calm, Stages of Mental Culture, Signs of Mental Culture, Supernormal Knowledge, Temperaments, different kinds of Purity, Realisation, Emancipation, Individuals. Path of Purification, Attainments, Aspiration. The instructions will be in accordance to the Manual of Abhidhamma (Abhidhammattha Sangaha) written by the late Ven Narada. The Class is intended for those who have completed the Basic Buddhism Course and/or Sutta Discussions conducted by Vajiro Chia. However, anyone who intends to know about the Abhidhamma subjects are welcome. (Vajiro Chia had attended classes conducted by the late Ven Narada in the early 80s)

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