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Special Promotions
Free delivery for minimum order of $200
Free Japanese Gift Box for minimum order of $300


Types of MooncakesRetail PriceNo. of Boxes Optional: You can donate the mooncakes to your choice of the welfare homes (no. of boxes)Total Amount ($)
White Lotus Paste Plain (2 pc)$12 ...
White Lotus Paste with 2 yolks (2 pc)$13...
White Lotus Paste Plain (4 pc)$20...
White Lotus Paste with 2 yolks (4 pc)$22...
Pandan Paste Plain (2 pc)$12...
Pandan Paste with 2 yolks (2 pc)$13...
Pandan Paste Plain (4pc)$20...
Pandan Paste with 2 yolks (4pc)*$22...
Grand Total ....

*Must Try! You won't regret it!

Delivery ($4 per location)

(Free delivery to one location for purchases above $200)

Name of buyer: ____________________________________________________

Delivery Address: ____________________________________________________

Date/Time of Delivery: _________________(date)___________________(time)

Contact No: _________________ or ____________________ or _____________

E-mail address of buyer: ________________________________________________

(If applicable) Mooncakes to be donated to: _______________________________

Remarks: ___________________________________________________________

· Delivery is between 9am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays (Saturday's delivery is subject to availability)

Mode of Payment

1. Cheque payment. Please make cheque payable to “Metta Welfare Association”

2. Type of credit Card: MasterCard or Visa (please circle the appropriate visa credit card)

Card no: _____________________ Expiry Date: ________________

Signature/ Date: __________________________________________

Kindly send/fax your order form and payment to:
Metta Welfare Association,
12 Chai Chee Lane,
Singapore 469022
Fax no: 6449 1377
For more information, please feel free to contact us at Tel: 62406 339/ 62406 360, 6444 2122,


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