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Introduction ************

The Gyuto Tantric University was first established in 1475 at Uto in Tibet and was subsequently shifted to Lhasa. In 1955, 90 Gyuto monks followed The 14th Dalai Lama into exile in India and re-established the University at Anurachal Pradesh.

Understanding the Music ************************

Sound is defined as a sensation detected by the ear caused by the vibration of air surrounding it. When applied creatively, sound is capable of motivating the mind. Scientific research has shown a link between the drones (long, continuous, low humming sound) produced by mantra chanting and the brain waves. The beta waves of the brain represents "ordinary" consciousness and is shown to have disturbing and irregular frequencies and vibration. This is because our consciousness is always receiving many signals from the outside world. With pro-meditation techniques, such as mantra chanting, the irregular brain waves will gradually smooth out and attain a very sedate and inactive state. The drones' sound produced by the mantra chanting are the major healing qualities of yoga meditation. Our bodies and ears react immediately to the root tone of the dromes, while the overtones or harmonics subtly work their magic on us, balancing our bodies' energy centres (chakras) and the electromagnetic field (aura) around us. *At the Gyuto Tantric University, a type of multi phonic chanting was developed, in which each monk is able to sing a chord containing two or three tones simultaneously. This is remarkable transcendentally beautiful sound is believed to arised only from a person who has realised selfless wisdom. This music which emanates from samadhi (a trance like state of pure consciousness, undisturbed by the polarities of life, experience and thought) is capable of communicating the same effect to the listener. The Gyuto monks make their first overseas public music performance in 1998 at a concert for world peace at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine in New York, together with music celebrities such as Mickie Hart, Philip Glass and Kitaro. Since then, they have made several performing visits to the US, Europe and Australia. The objective of these performances is to encourage interest in Tibetan cultures.
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