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Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore)  CEF (S) (   Homepage : & e-mail: ) is a voluntary welfare
organisation which was founded in 1995 by a Buddhist organisation to provide
holistic community care services to the poor, sick and needy elderly.  It is
also an affiliate member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS), but
it is not in receipt of any financial grants from the Government or any
funding from the Community Chest.

Each year, the Foundation has to raise at least S$ 600,000 to run its daily
programmes, such as Medical and Nursing Care Service, Equipment Loan
Service, Home Help Service and Health Screen Clinic Service.  In
order to cater to the needs of the increasing number of sick elderly, they
are in the process of establishing a multi-service Community Care Centre
(CCC) at Pasir Ris New Town, which would comprise a 120 beds Nursing Home,
an Elderly Medical Centre and an Elderly Charitable Organisation.  The total
fund needed to develop this CCC is estimated to be S$ 13,000,000 (Singapore
Dollar Thirteen Million).

This is the first CEF (S) Flag Day to raise fund for the various community
care services for the elderly.  Your company's / Your involvement and
support would be vital to ensure the success of this fund raising project.
This would also be an island-wide project with youths appealing for generous
support to raise fund for the sustenance of CEF (S)s various community care
services and programmes. Once again, we would like to appeal for the
involvement of your company / yourselves in this charity event.

Areas of involvement would include Internal Collection and/or Direct
Donation to CEF (S):-

1. The Internal Collection

 To be held prior to the Flag Day from 28 June 1999 to 3 July 1999.
 Collection tins will be delivered to your company from 22 June 1999 to 26
June 1999.  Kindly appoint a person-in-charge so that we could contact
him/her for the delivery/ collection of these tins before and after the

2.  Street Collection

* Participants could register themselves at CEF (S) Main Office or call us
at Telephone 741-1144 for registration.  We would require to have your name,
contact no. and NRIC No. If you would like to participate in this event in
groups, kindly submit your group members' name and NRIC. In addition, kindly
select a group leader to assist us in distributing the tins.  All
participants have to report at the collection centres of their choice

3. Direct Donation

Your company / You could also make your contribution towards the "Care for
the Elderly - CEF Flag Day 1999 " by giving your kind donations for the
following purposes :-  (Kindly tick the appropriate boxes below.)

(1) Sponsorship for the Expenses of Flag Day (Kindly refer to Annex 3 & 4.)
(2) Building Fund for the Pasir Ris Nursing Home
(3) Development Fund for the Programmes and Activities organised by CEF (S)

Please make your cheque payable to " Care for the Elderly Foundation
(Singapore) " and indicate " CEF Flag Day 1999" on the reverse side of the
cheque. All donations will be acknowledged with Tax-Exemption receipt.

Please note that a certificate of appreciation will be presented to all
participants of the event.

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