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Biography of Venerable Shi Yuan Fan

Venerable Shi Yuan Fan () was an engineering undergraduate at the University of Singapore (now known as the National University of Singapore) in 1979 when he realized that the immense suffering encountered by sentient beings. He sought a way to liberation, and decided to become a member of the Sangha.

He took up the robes under Reverend Ben Dao () who was then in retreat at the San Bao Monastery in Cameron Highlands. For 7 years after 1979, Venerable Yuan Fan studied Buddhism at various Monasteries such as the Pu Ti Monastery and the Dong Shan Institute in Taiwan, as well as the Song Kuang Monastery in Korea.

After his return to Singapore, he continued with his Buddhist studies. In 1990, he left for China, India and Nepal to go into further study on Buddhism. He is currently the abbot of the Sagaramudra Buddhist Society and spiritual advisor for National University of Singapore Buddhist Society

In May 2000, he further received the title of Vajra Supreme Master from the Kathok Nyingma tradition.


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