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Biography of Venerable Dhammavihari

Venerable Dhammavihari (Professor Jotiya Dhirasekaera) born in 1921 was ordained in 1990 at the age of 69. He taught Buddhism and Pali at the Universities of Colombo and Peradeniya from 1946 to1969, and at the University of Toronto in Canada from1969 to 1972.

The Venerable is presently the first founder Director of the International Buddhist Research and Information Center in Sri Lanka. His magnum opus is the Buddhist Monastic Discipline published by the Ministry of Higher Education Research Publication Series, Sri Lanka. He is a popular broadcaster and author engaged in analyzing and critically examining issues of social and religious significance, through the media of the press, radio and the television, both at national and international levels. He has two web-sites that deliver Buddhist teachings to the world.

Some of the books written by Venerable available on-line are:-
  • Message of Buddhism from Buddha to Asoka
  • The individual and social Dimension of salvation in Buddhism
  • Buddhism and Beauty
  • Happiness in a Buddhist Perspective
  • Poverty, Hunger and Underdevelopment
  • Progress, Development of Survival of Man
  • Position of Women in Religion and Society
  • Honesty in speech, the most difficult to maintain
  • The second precept and its relevance


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