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Biography of Ajahn Tiradhammo

Ajahn Tiradhammo was born in Canada in 1949. He was ordained in 1974 at Wat Meung Man in Chiang Mai with Venerable Tong. In 1975 he studied under Ajahn Chah at Wat Pah Pong and Wat Pa Nanachat. He was invited to England in 1982 to help with developments there. He spent two years at Chithurst Monastery and three years in charge of Hamham Vihara in Nothumberland. In 1988, he helped established Dhammapala Monastery near Bern Switzerland and also later at its new location in the Bernese Alpine village of Kandrsteg where he was the senior monk until 2005. Now he is the abbot of Bodhinyanarama , Wellington New Zealand.


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