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Biography of Venerable Thitadhammo Bhikkhu
(Venerable Fa Shan, Hui Nian)

Venerable Thitadhammo Bhikkhu (Theravada Ordination, 1996 & 1999)

Venerable Fa Shan, Hui Nian (Mahayana Transmission, March 2002)

Venerable Thitadhammo Bhikkhu was born in Singapore. He was a certified IT trainer before ordaining as a monk and had also diversified his professional activities into consultancy as well as into the advertising field.

In 1996, the Venerable was ordained into the Forest Tradition of the Dhammayutika sect of Thai Buddhism and later received higher ordination in 1999. Much of his time was spent on learning and practicing meditation in Thailand, India and Nepal. During a meditation retreat, the Venerable was asked to assist in the establishment of the Insight Educational Foundation for promoting Theravada practices and meditation in Taiwan.

In March 2002, he received his Mahayana Linchi Zen Dharma Lineage from Venerable Master Ching Hsing in Taiwan and goes by the Dharma name, Shih Fa Shan Hui Nian. Whilst in Taiwan, Venerable was actively involved in Dharma propagation work and in supporting roles for meditation, information technology and projects in organizational development. In recent years, he has been actively helping to organize some of the international conferences like the United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations in Thailand and more recently in Vietnam 2008.

The Venerable focuses on teaching of materials to promote Buddhist practices in organizations as well as in organizational infrastructure developments. He travels frequently and holds various positions in many countries. He is also currently involved in the development of several projects around the region as well as in Australia.


1. Singapore Network:

~ Jiu Hua Shan Poh Ern Shih - Advisor

2. Malaysian Network:

~ Buddhist Life Circle Enterprise - Consultant and Business Development

~ Malacca Buddhist Youth Society - Consultant

3. Thailand Network:

~ Mind-Wisdom Development Institute - Trainer, CEO and Senior Executive Programs

~ World Fellowship of Buddhist Youths - Advisor and Director of Strategic Development Unit

~ Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidalaya University - Deputy Secretary for International Organizing Committee

~ UN Day of Vesak Celebrations - Deputy Secretary for International Secretariat

4. Taiwan Network:

~ Chinese Young Buddhist Association - Vice Secretary General

5. Australian Network:

~ Buddhist Federation of Australia - Consultant

~ United Vietnamese Congregation of Victoria, Australia - Consultant


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