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Biography of Venerable Sayadaw U Silananda

Dr. Say‚daw U Sil‚nanda is currently the Chancellor of the International Therav‚da Buddhist Missionary University in Yangon. He is the abbot of Dhamm‚nanda Vih‚ra,in California and the spiritual director of the Theravada Buddhist Society of America, Dhammachakka Meditation Center and the Tathagata Meditation Center of San Jose. He is also one of the three spiritual directors of the renowned Mahasi Meditation Center in Yangon. He teaches Vipassan‚ Meditation, Abhidhamma and other aspects of Theravadian Buddhism in English, Burmese, P‚li and Sanskrit. He conducted meditation retreats throughout the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Europe and Asia.

Venerable Sayadaw was conferred the Doctorate of Philosophy by the Yangon University in 2000. In 1993, he was awarded the "Aggamah‚pandita" title by the Burmese religious authorities and was conferred the title of "Aggamah‚sadhamma Jotika" in 1999.

He also holds two Dhamm‚cariya degrees and has taught at the Athithokdayone P‚li University. He was an External Examiner at the Department of Oriental Studies, University of Art and Sciences in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Say‚daw was the Chief Compiler of the Tipitaka P‚li-Burnmese Dictionary and one of the distinguished editors of the P‚li Canon and associated Commentaries at the Sixth Buddhist Council, which was held in Rangoon from 1954 Ė 1956.

Say‚daw had written several Buddhist books, of which, three are in English. The English books are "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness", "Volition Ė An Introduction to the Law of Kamma", "No Inner Core Ė An Introduction to the Doctrine of Anatta".

Dr. Say‚daw U Sil‚nanda accompanied the Late Most Venerable Mahasi Say‚daw to the USA in April 1979. During this visit, the Late Venerable assigned the task of spreading the Dhamma in the US to Say‚daw U Silananda and Say‚daw U Kelasa. Since then Say‚daw U Sil‚nanda has been staying in the US to carry out this noble task.

Some of the books/articles written by the Venerable available on-line are:-

  • An Introduction To The Law of Kamma
  • The Happiest Year Ever
  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Is Theravada Buddhism for Arahantship Only?
  • Introduction to Vipassana
  • Questions and Answers
  • Meditation Instructions
  • A talk on Kamma, Rebirth, and Suffering

    Note: NO INNER CORE - ANATTA and An Introduction To The Law of Kamma are also available here.

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