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Biography of Venerable Sayalay Dipankara

Sayalay Dipankara was born in 1964 in Myanmar. At a very young age, she started the meditation practice without external instruction. As she matured, she continued her practice but with guidance from various great meditation masters. In her university days, she was introduced by one of her professors, also a well known Abhidhamma teacher in Myanmar, to Ven. Pha-Auk Sayadaw for close guidance in Samatha and Vipassana practice. She accomplished the practice within a very short period, under the guidance of her skilful teacher. In 1990, she was ordained as a Buddhist nun at Pha-Auk Tawya Monastery. Since then, she was trained to be a meditation teacher.

Sayalay Dipankara is experienced in teaching any of the 40 Kamatthana as mentioned in the Visuddhi Magga e.g. Anapanasati, Four Elements Meditation, Metta, Buddhanussati, Asubha, Marananussati and 8 Samapatti (1st Jhana to 8th Jhana), Kasina, etc and the Vipassana Meditation.

In 1996, she was invited to Sri Lanka by the highly respected Mahathera, Venerable U Ariya Dhamma to assist her teacher, Ven. Pha-Auk Sayadaw in guiding the yogis. Since then, she has also been invited by various reputable Buddhist Centres in different countries to conduct courses and intensive meditation retreats for as long as 2 months. These countries include the United State (Insight Meditation Centre), Canada, Taiwan (Hong Shih Foundation), England (Amaravati & Citta Vevekha), Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, among others.

While she was in England, the Oxford University and the Manchester University invited her for discussion on mind training. She was also invited for the Western Conference on Jhana at Jubilados Foundation/ Leigh Brasington, Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2001.


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