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Biography of Venerable (Dr) Omaple Sobhita Thero

Born in 1950 Venerable (Dr) Omaple Sobhita Thero was ordained at age 10 and received higher ordination 12 years later

In 1979, Venerable graduated with a Master degree from the University of Sri Jayawardhena in Sri Langka. Venerable Sobhita (which is commonly known) obtained his doctorate from the University of New Delhi(India) for his thesis on Heritage of Common Property of Early Buddhist Society in 1988. After finishing his doctorate, Venerable served as an Environmental Advisor to the UNDB in Cambodia for a year. From there he ventured to Malaysia and Singapore and engaged in religion teachings.

In 1993, Venerable Sobhita founded the Sri Bodhiraja Foundation in Embilipitiya Sri Langka and he is also the religious advisor to Bodhicita Dharma Centre Singapore heading the Theravada Section. The Foundation is home to the Sri Bodhiraja Bhikkhu Training Centre which has more than 60 residential monks. Venerable Sobhita is the key initiator and driving force behind the Foundation many social welfare, education and rural development programmes. Since Tsunami of December 2004, he had been involved in sunami reconstruction projects in Sri Langka. Venerable Sobhita is also an active figure at international conference. He is a familiar face at events of the World Parliment of Religions in New York.


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