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Biography of Venerable U Nyanacara

Venerable U Nyanacara was born in 1974 and ordained as a Theravada novice at the age of 15 He studied Pali Texts under famous teachers in Myanmar and passed the 3 levels of Pali language examinations (Lower, Intermediate & Advanced) by the age of 22, two years after his higher ordination.

Since 2001, he has received instructions on meditation from Pa-Auk Sayadaw and dwelled in a forest monastery.

Ven U Nyanacara later passed the prestigious "Dhammacariya" examination which confers the title of Dhamrna Teacher in 2002 at the age of 27.

He now teaches Pali and Abhidhamma to novices and senior monks at the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery and has given several Dhamma talks. Ven U Nyanacara is fluent in English.


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