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Biography of Venerable Mu Shim Sunim

Mu Shim Sunim JDPS, is the abbot and guiding teacher of Kye Ryong San International Zen Center/Mu Sang Sa. He first came to Korea from the United States in 1984 after meeting Zen Master Seung Sahn in 1979 at the Cambridge Zen Center. He received ordination as a bhikkhu in the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism in 1986. He served Zen Master Seung Sahn as his personal secretary and assistant for fifteen years, during which time he traveled extensively with him. He was also able to experience Zen practice and retreats at various Korean Zen temples such as Su Dok Sa, Shin Won Sa, and Bomo Sa. Mu Shim Sunim received inka from Zen Master Seung Sahn and the authority to teach Zen as a Ji Do Poep Sa in January 1997. Fluent in the Korean language, Mu Shim Su Nim JDPS has edited a new Korean translation of the kong-an book, The Whole World is a Single Flower, published in Seoul in May 2001. Teaching Article Archive


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