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Biography of Venerebla Shi Ming Yi

Venerable Shi Ming Yi () was born in 1962 is currently the Abbot of Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery and Secretary General of the Singapore Buddhist Federation. He was ordained as a monk when he was 2 2 years old and has since been active in social welfare activities.

In September 1994, Foo Hai Ch'an Monastery , under the leadership of Venerable Shi, established the 175-bedded Ren Ci Hospital for the poor and needy chronic patients. Since then, Venerable Shi is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the hospital.

In 1996, the Singapore government awarded the Public Service Medal to Venerable Shi in recognition of his contributions to the country. In September 1998, the hospital established its affiliate, Ren Ci Day Care Centre for the Elderly. Venerable Shi is also its chairman. On 1 June 1999, the hospital expanded operations by taking over a 300-bed facility of the former Tan Tock Seng Hospital for the chronic sick and nursing home patients in Singapore. The hospital was renamed as Ren Ci Hospital &Medicare Centre.

Two months later in August , Venerable Shi received his Masters in Healthcare Management from the University of Wales . He took up the course so that he could manage the hospital better. In the year 2000, a 200-bedded community hospital in the former Tan Tock Seng Hospital premises is expected to be in operation.

The Venerable is also active in Buddhist circles overseas. In November 1998, he took over the abbotship of the Kun Chung Temple in Hong Kong as well as the vice-chairmanship of the affiliated Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association. In September 1999, he also took over the abbotship of the Kwan Inn Temple in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Venerable Shi Ming Yi is also holding the following positions concurrently:
  • Chairman, Singapore Buddhist Federation Youth Organisation
  • President , Foo Hai Ch'an Buddhist Cultural and Welfare Association
  • Chairman, Yuhua Benevolence Society and Wan Qing Lodge Day Care Centre for the Elderly
  • Chairman, Marine Parade-Foo Hai Elderly Lodge
  • Chairman, Aspiration Student Care Centre
  • Chairman, Aspiration Childcare Centre
  • Vice President, Man Fut Tong Old People's Home
  • Board Member, Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
  • Spiritual Advisor for National University of Singapore Buddhist Society

    Note: The Venerable has PhD in Philosophy from Mannin University (UK)


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