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Biography of Venerable Bhikkhu Kheminda

Bhikkhu Kheminda was born in Semarang, Indonesia, in 1967. He majored in Civil Engineering in the early 90s and continued his study in Buddhism for both Bachelor and Master Degrees. In 2004, he was ordained under Ven. Jatila Mahathera in Mahasi Sasana Yeikhta, Yangon, Myanmar

Bhikkhu Kheminda has an extensive meditation practice since 1997 in many countries, from Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Myanmar. Other than meditation, he is well known as an Abhidhamma teacher for more than 5 years in Singapore, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Up to now, he has been a lecturer for Abhidhamma subject in Graduate School of Smaratungga in Ampel, Boyolali


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