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Biography of Venerable Khemavaro

Venerable Khemavaro , born in Vietnam in 1966, moved with his family to live in California at age of 9. He has a BA in Philosophy.After graduating, he worked as a financial analyst and stockbroker in Bangkok, earning vast amounts of money and partying hard. When the stock market carshed, reality set in and he became interested in Buddhism and meditation.

His monastic training started at Ajahn Chah's Wat Pa Nanachat ( International Forest Monastery ) in 1999 , and ordained in 2000. Venerable Khemavaro ( known as 'Tan Khema' to his monastic friends ) has been living at Bodhinyana Monastery for the past four years, mastering the refined art of concrete mixing and cave building.

Having completed his fifth Vassa as a bhikkhu, he is now becoming more involved in teaching the Dhamma.


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