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Biography of Venerable Jing Yin

Venerable Jing Yin, MA in Buddhist Studies, MPhil in Chinese Buddhist Studies (Kelaniya), PhD in Buddhist Studies (SOAS, London); President, the Buddhist Education Foundation (UK) Limited, London; Acting Director of Centre of Buddhist Studies, Hong Kong University; Lecturer of Hong Kong University; Member of the board of directors, Polin Monastery, Hong Kong;Vice president, Sangha Institute of Hong Kong; Member of standing committee of the Buddhist Association of China, Beijing; Deputy-director, Jiezhuang Buddhist Research Institute,Jiangsu Province; Director, Gaoming Monastery, Yangzhou.

Venerable Jing Yin is the author of following books:
1. Buddhism for Key Stage 1 (UK);
2. Buddhism for Key Stage 2 (UK);
3. The Social Significance of Five Precepts in Modern Times (Vols. 1-3) (HK);
4. Chief-editor of the Concise Chinese Tripitaka with Punctuation Marks;
5 .Member of Editorial Board, Buddhism and Life Series (HK).
Venerable Jing Yin is interested in Vinaya, Theravada and Humanistic Buddhism.


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