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Biography of Ajahn Jayasaro

Ajahn Jayasaro became a disciple of Ajahn Chah, one of Thailand’s most renowned Buddhist monks and meditation masters, at Wat Pa Pong in 1978. Two years later, he took full ordination, with Ajahn Chah as his preceptor. in 1980. He was entrusted by the elders of the order to write the official biography of Ajahn Chah. In 1997, he assumed the position of abbot of Wat Pa Nanachat, the international monastery of Ajahn Chah’s lineage, where he remained until the end of 2002. Today, he is now living alone in a hermitage at the foot of Kow Yai mountains,Nakornrajasrima,Thailand. and gives regular Dhamma talks, conducts meditation retreats and authors several books. His latest English work, ‘Without and Within’ is a general introduction to the Theravada Buddhist tradition. In 2011, Ajahn Jayasaro was granted an honorary doctorate in Buddhist pedagogy by Mahachulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University.


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