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Biography of Venerable Bhikkhu Jayamedho

Bhikkhu Jayamedho, formerly named Herman S. Endro, was born in Surabaya in 1941. He obtained a degree in Law School in Bandung and was active in the Youth Buddhist Organization during his study. His professional experience was well recognized in various well-known companies, such as British American Tobacco, Unilever, Indofood, and others. He achieved much recognition for his more than 15 years of dedication in the companies and in Association of Indonesian Entrepreneurs.

While being advanced in his career, he has always been dedicated in various Buddhist organizations and social activities. Bhikkhu Jayamedho was the founder of many Buddhist organizations, such as Magabudhi (Theravada Buddhist in Indonesia), Dhammadipa Arama Center, Walubi (High Buddhist Council in Indonesia), and many others. In 1985, he was awarded by the King of Thailand for being active in spreading Theravada Buddhism and founding Dhamma Cakka Jaya Vihara in Jakarta, and continued to receive awards from other Buddhist and education organizations. Bhikkhu Jayamedho has also participated in numerous international Buddhist and inter-faith conference in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, New York, Seoul, India, and Indonesia. Recently on March 2011, he received his ordination as a Bhikkhu.


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