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Biography of Sayadaw U Inndaka

Sayadaw U Inndaka was born on 5 October 1952 in the village of Thaleba, Ayadaw Township in Monywa District, Myanmar. After completing the fourth standard, he became a novice (samanera). In 1972, he ordained as a monk (bhikkhu) in the Mahagandhayon Monastery with Mahagandhayon Sayadaw U Janakabhivamsa as his preceptor. He passed the Pali exams at the primary, intermediate and the advanced levels up to the Dhammacariya (Religious teacher) Exam. He subsequently taught the Pali scriptures to monks and novices for about 10 years in Mandalay.

Sayadaw U Inndaka started practising Satipatthana vipassana meditation under Chanmyay Sayadaw Ashin Janakabhivamsa. In 1989 he spent his vassa (rains retreat) at Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre, Yangon practising Satipatthana vipassana meditation under Chanmyay Sayadaw. When vassa ended, he continued to reside at Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre and carry out the duties of pariyatti (duties connected with studying and learning the scriptures) and patipatti (duties connected with teaching and practising meditation). In 1995, Chanmyay Sayadaw appointed him to be the Abbot of the newly established branch of Chanmyay Yeiktha Meditation Centre in Hmawbi, where he served as the Meditation Instructor for both Myanmar and foreign monks and lay meditators.

In 2005 Sayadaw U Inndaka moved into his own monastery after 10 years exemplary service at Hmawbi. This new centre is located on about 4-acres of land and its address is Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Centre, Lay Daunk Kan Quarter, Shwe Nantha Sanpya Myothit, Mingaladon Township (Tel: 951-728820/1), about half an hour’s drive from Yangon. The aim of the Centre is to conduct intensive training in Satipatthana Vipassana meditation for Burmese and foreign yogis throughout the year except during the Burmese New Year in April when Myanmar people by the thousands join meditation retreats to avoid the noisy water festival and parents send their children to monasteries to become temporary novices. In April 2007, Sayadaw conducted a month-long Buddhist training course for 400 youths who ordained as temporary novices at the Chanmyay Myaing Centre.

Sayadaw U Inndaka is the author of the book “Metta – The Practice of Loving Kindness as the Foundation for Insight Meditation Practice”. It has been translated into English and German and has served as a very useful guide for practitioners all over the world. Sayadaw visits Malaysia every year to conduct meditation retreats.

Sayadaw U Inndaka is currently the Abbot of Chanmyay Myaing Meditation Centre, Myanmar


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