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Biography of Venerable George Churinoff

Venerable George Churinoff is an American Buddhist monk and a teacher of Buddhist meditation and philosophy. With his training in science and more than twenty years of Buddhist meditation practice, he brings a clear and well-reasoned presentation of Tibetan Buddhism and its application to everyday life.

He received a B.Sc in Physics from MIT in 1967 and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from Delhi University in 1990. One of the elder disciples of the late Tibetan master Lama Thubten Yeshe, he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition in 1979.

He has studied and meditated in both the Sutra and Tantra traditions of Buddhism, and he has taught extensively in Nepal, India, England, Holland, Italy, Germany, Russia and the Far East.

The Venerable has real audio talk available on-line called, Introduction to Meditation

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Note: To listen to the real audio on-line you need to have the Real Player software. Singapore Live Radio Network has the latest version of the software at URL: for free download.


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