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Biography of Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim

Chikwang-Sunim is the Abbess of The Seon (Zen) Centre; A Traditionally trained Bhikshuni living in South Korean Temples for 19 years.A good part of her nineteen years in Korea was spent at Song Kwang Sa, a large temple founded by Chinul. After her teacher, Master Kusan passed away, Chikwang Suniml lived in small hermitages or doing three month retreats in Zen meditation halls tinder the guidance of many great masters. She has also studied at a traditional Monastic University.

A founding member Wat Buddha Dharma, The Buddhist Library in Sydney, The Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Centre in Seoul and Chonghye SA Seon Centre now located in Kinglake. Chikwang-Sunim teaches Seon both in Australia and abroad and is very active in interfaith dialogue. Along with her development of the new Seon Centre and overseas commitments, she is involved in the educating, fund raising and growth of the first Buddhist Palliative Care Centre in South Korea.

In recent years she has offered retreats in Australia and abroad and has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences, workshops and temples.

Daylesford Buddhist Meditation Centre
Lot 16, Carrols Lane,
Shepherds Flat, Victoria, Australia
DAYLESFORD, Victoria Australia 3460
TEL: (03) 5348 1881 or 5476 4488
ABBESS: Ven. Chi Kwang Sunim


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