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Biography of Venerable Buddharakkhita

Venerable Dr Buddharakkhita, born in 1970 in Ireland, is a Buddhist teacher with more than 7 years of monkhood in the Theravada Forest Tradition. A self-interest in meditation began at 12, developed while studying a BSc and PhD in Science at University College Dublin and a Diploma in Buddhism at ITBMU Yangon. He has spent almost 20 years working and practicing in Asia and Australia. He has practiced extensively in lay life as well as a full-time yogi prior to first robing in 2006. He completed 5 years monastic training under Ajahn Brahm and has practiced many years under numerous Asian masters.

Venerable Dr Buddharakkhita will use timeless meditation from the Buddhist tradition to guide participants to connecting and engaging their heart with daily life. Participants will be guided in loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, gratitude and many other topics so they can broaden and build their experience in these beautiful qualities of the heart.


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