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Biography of Venerable Ajahn Boonmee Dhammarato

Venerable Ajahn Boonmee Dhammarato is the Abbot of Wat Tham Tao. This forest monastery in north eastern Thailand was established by Venerable Ajahn Maha Boowa Yanasam Panno ( 1913 - 2011). The late Venerable Ajahn Boowa was the eminient disciple and author of Ajahn Mun's biography.

Ordained at the age of 20, Venerable Luan Phor Boonmee has been a monk for 46 vassa in the forest tradition that emphasizes strict practices of the monks' Vinaya and intensive meditation with the objective of liberation from suffering.

Besides teraching the Buddha's Dhamma extensively, Venerable Luan Phor Boonmee also participates actively in community service, notably in the recent 2011 Thailand flood relief and humatarian efforts in collaboration with Firefly Mission in Singapore.


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