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Biography of Sayadaw U Agganna

Sayadaw was born in 1953 and graduated with a BSc degree in mathematics from Rangoon University. He started practicing as a lay Buddhist in 1989 and was ordained by his teacher, Pa-Auk Sayadaw U Acinna in 1992.

From years 1997-1998 and 2000-2001, Sayadaw taught meditation to both lay people and monks at various centers in Sri Lanka including the Dhammayatana, in Meetigala and Polgassovita Vipassana Centre. While in Myanmar, Sayadaw taught meditation at the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery. He also taught at the International Buddhasassana Meditation Centre in Thanlyin, Myanmar as an assistant teacher.

He later returned to Sri Lanka to continue his meditation practice and teaching at the Nauyana Forest Hermitage. Sayadaw has also taught at the Pa-Auk Meditation Retreat in 2000 at the Penang Buddhist Association, Malaysia.


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