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Xie SP Jane : How did Christianity fail you?
Since I am unfortunately from China, I opt for Christianity.

Good Question by Xie SP Jane from China. The last reply is the best

Willia Chautang
1. You wr forbid to open up ur mind, your intellectual.
2. You wr forbade to read other religious scriptures or spiritual books out of Christianity!
3. All unanswered quarries starts and end with God.
4. Bible speaks of God as all powerful, omnipresent and omnipotent which is questionable...
5. You are made auto suggestions to believe blindly in God without using your own logic and conscience. etc.
--->Xie SP reply- Give them a warm welcome to your community! But I am a Christian baptized at Presbyterian Church. I don't feel that way you describe at all.

------>Willia Chautang > Xie SP Jane Thats good then, but most of my Christian friends are like that only... I even told them that one thing i didn't like Christian is "you were not allowed to read others scriptures and develop ones intellect."

Jenn Todd
the number of folks that use it to judge. hate. justify racism. homophobia. and self righteousness

Kristy Hanning
Why "unfortunately" from China?

Kathy Muhl McMillan
The lack of intellectualism. The weird insistence on having the physical world match the Bible, for example, many Christian's insistence on the earth being actually 6,000 years old when we know that it is billions of years old.

Kevin GonzalezKevin
Buddhism helps me be a better christian.

Andrew Shelton
Never trust a religion that diagnoses you with a sickness in order to sell you the cure. Never trust a religion based on human sacrifice.

ukasz Wojnicki
I'm afraid to say but prove me wrong (I hope I'm wrong here) didn't Buddha sacrifice himself for humanity in a way too? I understand you pinpoint to physical sacrifice but what about spiritual one?

Andrew Shelton
Well, I don't believe in anything spiritual. But, Christianity is the only religion thst can be summarized like this: God sent himself in human form to be sacrificed to himself in order to save us from himself. Makes no sense.

Steve Vest
As long as you aren't hurting others, follow whichever religion that works best for you.

Kathy Muhl McMillan
>Andrew Shelton, I understand your overall premise but God sent his son to save us from ourselves, would be a more accurate statement.

Andrew Shelton
>From ourselves, implying there's something inherently wrong with me, as if I was born flawed... although I was created by this god who considers me flawed. So, because he created me flawed, he had to sacrifice himself to himself to save me from himself even though he created me this way. So, not only does it not make sense, it's also offensive. Gotcha.

Steve Vest
Somehow I don't consider this debate beneficial.

Jesse Wahab
All religions are made to enslave the people

Kari Kaera
If you are looking for enlightenment for me the Bible is not a very good roadmap.

Jason Moore
religion is for people who are afraid of hell. Spirituality is for people who've been there.

Steve Vest
I do not choose to decide what is best for others.

Joan DeVastey
Christianity failed me in two ways. First, many but not all Christians are intolerant of others. Second, when I took the time to learn the history of Christian writings and dogma I realized that what we're taught in church often bears no relation to the original teachings. That being true, I wonder how much is false and how much is authentic.

Lukasz Wojnicki
It did not show me the way out of suffering. It opposed all other religions saying they are wrong (the same thing being done by other religions). It taught to be tolerant but it did not tolerate anything different than itself. A cluster of old religions said anew. In fact, everything boiled down to money and not a real way for salvation. Was disappointed and dissatisfied with it a lot. Felt lied to a lot. Hypocrisy. Awful and sad. Nothing really what Jesus said or taught can refer to what we now see as Christianity.

Joan DeVastey
Well stated. I will say that I began to suffer less when I began to practice Buddhism. When I was Christian the predominant feeling was shame. I don't think the intention of Christianity, or most religions, is so much to help the individual as it is to support the community by rallying around a deity or deities. There are, however, other ways to support the community.

Lukasz Wojnicki
>Joan DeVastey I can't agree more. It is exactly as you've said. Other religions in reality aren't focused on self-improvement and self-development. People are being lied to with their own consent. They're based on the fear of the unknown, about the fut…See more

Steve Vest
I see intolerance of other religions in every religion. Buddhism seems to be the most tolerant, but you can see intollerance in some Bhuddhists also.

Poon Webber
the doctrines are false

Todd Caldwell
You'll learn quick. Christianity is a fear based religion.

Meagan Davison
Christianity itself did not fail me. It's followers did :)

Garrison Scott
Part of the problem is that people take literal, the parts of the Bible that should be accepted as metaphorical; yet the lessons that should be obviously taken literally, basic teachings about humanity and how we should treat each other, are often ove.See more

Richard Irvine
It is not Christianity that fails, it is the people. I am a chaplain and talk with many people and the majority of people complain it is with other supposed like minded people. People do not realize that it is an intimate relation ship you have with your higher power, not man. It was not Buddha, Jesus,, Shiva, or Muhammad that created the mess the world is in, man did. Many choose not to believe and for whatever reason it is on the individual, not the religion itself. Some say it is fear based, but fear only exists in the mind, in the now fear is non-existent. meaning we fear what is going to happen. it hasn't happened therefore it does not exist. I am sorry I could go on with more.

Roberto Perez
Cause Jesus is made up of eight different gods. Krishna horas Elijah and that's just a few Manage

Jon PrattJon
Dogma vs self inquiry.

Gerry Yancey
Blind faith

Kris Termondt
Don't focus on failure, don't make comparison. One is not right and one is not wrong. What works for you is right for you.

Nick Carligeanu
The abrahamic religions treat people either as children (at best) or as cattle (at worst)

Michael Morrello
Christianity didn't fail me but the organized church definitely failed me and continues to do so today.

Eric MooreE
Christianity doesn't fail, man's application or misapplication does.

Michael Morrello
I believe all religions have some truth and even in the Christian Bible God spoke to people different ways. So when the Church starts saying the Bible doesn't have contradictions which it has and you have to believe the way we do or your going to hell, it failed me.

Corad Chevro
It works through you loving spirit

Kimberly Wall
I wouldn't say Christianity failed me or anyone else. I choose not to practice it for a number of reasons but that is my choice. I believe all religions' purpose is to make you happy. Believe what makes you happy. Practice the religion that makes you happy. For me, that religion is Nichiren Buddhism. For some it’s Christianity, and for others it is many others religions.

E.K. Angell
The lies buried in the dogma. It didn't fail me. I was never a Christian and wouldn't wish to limit my view of God as it demands by it's very nature.

Anant Sharma
Tao is thousand times deeper than Christianity.

Rose Hughes
My Christian faith never fails me only people have, the people I chose to trust and believe in, God removed those people out of my life and made my faith stronger and putting me in a good place, I believe that every Religion should be respected as everyone has a freedom to be who they want to be and believe in what they want to,

Richard Cox

Venkatraman Yagnaswami
Basing on your belief.

Daniel Knight
Christianity hasn't failed, it's some of the church doctrine, interpretation and agendas. - Zen can be found in everything.

Eddie George
You have only to Look at Vatican History & upto present to see how it Failed it's People

Todd Caldwell
There is a lot of good as well. I guess it's just what you take from it.

Eduardo Valle
For me, cristianism and budhism are complementary. Crist gave us the supreme example of the way of bodhisattva.

Clarita Urioste
Religion is not an option but a conection with the master. It's not about to believe in.... but to practice It's teachings

Gerry Yancey
ROFL, How can you practice something you don't believe in?

Clarita Urioste
>Gerry Yancey to believe and to have conection are different things. You can believe that tomorrow will rain, and it can rain or not (only for example). To have a conection is to be sure that is the way you want to go..
In this path, the faith is used when our conflictive emotions are cutting the bliss.

Clarita Urioste
To be a practitioner there must be a teaching. Buddha said: you try them, if it benefits you, go on. If it doesnt benefit, dont practice the teaching any more.
Buddhism for example is to look into our mind, and practice the Buddhas teaching, from out to in. Youve got to know your mind to tame it

Gerry Yancey
>Clarita Urioste That's right, Buddhist DO NOT HAVE BLIND FAITH! That's my point exactly. Are changing directions now?

Clarita Urioste
>Gerry Yancey Dharma is for recognizing your own nature. If your own nature, changes... I wouldnt know what to say.

Clarita Urioste
Buddhism don't have faith in anything thats impermanent, nor in the words of Sidarta Gautama. But our ego is so brillant, that sometimes we take the faith to help us keep going

Chong Chong
All religions are gud. Cheers..

Natanjah Driscoll It never did

Dwayne Smith
I wouldn’t say Christianity failed me, I was raised as such. But I have found it is not the way for me. We each walk our own path, and not all of us follow the same one.

Sheryl Thomas
It didn't fail me, it made me read, read more, and read even more. It caused me to search and find myself. I do not consider myself a Christian, nor am I non christian. I am me, and I find spirituality suits me better than being branded by "religion". Seek knowledge and the silence, and I love Molana and Hafez.

Lucia Valdez
I'm not from China, but I follow the teachings of Lao Tzu, as when he talked about the Tao, he is including the feminine force of nature... and maybe that feminine nature is the mother of the God that christianity talks about, and nobody has seen, and …See more

Richard Barnes
Christianity failed to offer anything of genuine value.

Łukasz Wojnicki
I think it's the worst thing to label oneself, to pigeonhole. Be it religion or anything else. Many of the problems stem from divisions made by the ego, which wants to delude us into thinking we're separate and standing alone.

Brian Lamar Linville
Christianity is ok in some ways. It has many allegories, metaphors, golden rule etc. But I don't take it literally, as in someone had to die for our mistakes etc. But if people take on a Christ consciousness=good.

Brian Lamar Linville
Once I heard and understood pantheism I was like "Oh, this is what it's missing! I get it now".

Patrick Fain
I am unable to blindly accept such a belief with all it's stories and myth's..I have to question things. And I found way more question's than answers. I don't see how faith can change the world, but An actual practice that creates actuall change you can see and feel(Buddhism) Is far more my choice. But I would be wrong if I did not say that I have not met some Christians that were very good people.

Kevin Walsh

Christopher Gordon Forbes
Christianity didn't fail me. I'm just choosing a different path.

Kathleen Cook
I spent 50 years as a Christian, 30 of them as a Sunday School Superintendent, Teacher trainer, Sunday School Teacher, Art Director, UTO Chairman, Vestry Member, Church secretary, etc, etc, etc. I volunteered for just about everything imaginable. I began my journey into Buddhism even before I left Christianity 17 years ago, but now, at age 67, I would never go back to it.

I have found peace with Buddhism that I could never find with Christianity. The thing that changed me for good was finally, after all those years, reading the Bible from cover to cover over the course of 3 weeks, without cherry picking or picking passages out of context. You can always make excuses for specific passages ...

I had been doing that for decades. But when you read it cover to cover over the course of a short period of time, only weeks, you can no longer make excuses. You see all the inconsistencies, the terrible cruelties not inflicted by man, but according to the Bible, by God "him" self. You see how he praises misogyny, hate, cruelty and prejudice.

You see how one part says one thing and another part says another. When you actually study the inconsistencies, you begin to realize just how many hundreds of humans ... not divine angels, but humans, wrote, rewrote, edited and generally mangled the meaning of the Bible. When you finally read it cover to cover, you realize that you were brainwashed all of your life.

That's when I left for good.


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