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Biography of Late Venerable Hong Choon

Venerable Hong Choon was ordained under the guidance of Venerable Hui Quan at the age of 16 in Cheng Tian Monastery. During a visit to Venerable Hui Quan, Venerable Master Tai Xu observed Venerable Hong Choon's demeanour and actions, foreseeing his future as an influential figure in Buddhism. He composed a couplet: "Above the sea lies the grandeur of Wan Shi Yan among mountains and forests; While in the human world, Venerable Hong Choon protects and serves all sentient beings."

Remembered fondly by many as the “compassionate master”, Venerable Hong Choon was responsible for developing the monastery from two simple shrine halls to magnificent architectural monuments spanning the size of ten football fields.

Let us commemorate Venerable Hong Choon’s legacy on his death anniversary and express our gratitude to him for his contributions to developing Buddhism in Singapore and shaping Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery into the largest monastery in Singapore today.





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