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Biography of Venerable Phrakhrusamu Suthep Chinawaro

Venerable Phrakhrusamu Suthep Chinawaro, is a Thai tradition monk & meditation teacher from Northern Thailand. He is the Abbot of Wat Poemdhammajumreon, Chantaburi, Thailand. He was ordained in 1988 as one of the last disciples of Luangpor Teean Jittasubho, a great Thai meditation master.

Ajahn intensively practiced vipassana meditation under the guidance of Luangpor Teean whereby he later developed Buddhalela Mahasati, an extension of the traditional Luangpor Teeanā's ˜Sati meditation technique. This technique basically follows the Luangpor's movements of being mindful of breathing, walking & hand movements.

Ajahn speaks Thai, English & Lao. His expertise is in mindfulness meditation, scriptural studies, meditation for children & senior citizens. He conducts regular Dhamma Teachings Tour & Meditation Retreats in Thailand, Malaysia , Singapore and many has benefited from his insightful


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